Infuse for Roku

Hi Firecore

Love using Infuse on iOS and ATV Flash Black 2. Love. It. 

Have you considered creating an Infuse app for Roku?

I'd love to see it there.

My pitch to you:

  • The ATV2 is getting old, and future SKUs may not be able to run Infuse. Obviously if Apple allows applications on the next ATV, it's a different story. Let's hope for this.
  • The Roku device is revved more frequently, potentially giving Infuse the horsepower to do more as you might need.
  • The Roku currently has no app like Infuse. No DLNA or simple SMB connectivity. None.


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I completely agree. I have both ATV and Roku, and I like Infuse better than Plex.

Hey FireCore is this on any road map?

It would be a big hit for so many people and great publicity for your really great product.

I registered just to make the same request… I prefer Infused over Plex…i like ATV2 because of infused…i like Roku because of its contents but i don’t like using Plex.

+1 It would be great to have an Infuse Roku Channel… Infuse rocks!

Please consider our request Firecore.

+1. Would love to have this on Roku…

Made an account as well just to also give my +1

I love my Apple TV, but we have a couple Roku’s in our house too. It’d be nice not to have to buy several new Apple TV’s

Yes! I completely agree! and I suggest the same for Nvidia Shield. Some days ago in this forum I ask why firecore still with Apple ONLY, has no sense to me because ATV is not the most popular, and like everybody knows ATV have a lot of restrictions and hardware limitations. ATV is made it for the “world of Apple” ONLY (Apple eco-system) and is just an Apple standard. Firecore /Infuse is one of the best players that I never seen but, needs to fight all the time with Apple limitations.
I hope James aks this tread. I like to know if they have in mind work with other platforms.
In november I’m going to leave at side my ATV4 and I going for the new Roku or the new Nvidia Shield.
BTW Nvidia Shield comes with Kodi, Plex and many ways to stream from a server, nas or dlna.

I was on plex and I liked infuse better than it. I really wish it should go out of serving just apple base customers though. But I am not certain about it being done in a near future. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s ever going to happen.

Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen :frowning:

I have and love Infuse, but a few months ago I bought a new TCL Roku TV, and really liked the interface and small, simple remote that literally controls everything. I even have a Harmony hub and remote, and I hardly ever touch the remote anymore, I just use the hub for voice commands. I then installed PLEX on my desktop PC. Now, I almost never use my Apple TV, and I’ve been using PLEX instead of infuse. I know, how hard is it to grab my ATV remote? I do like that Infuse doesn’t need my PC running to work (all my files are on an older non-PLEX WD MyCloud), and I do feel that the infuse interface is nicer than PLEX, but it’s just so nice not having to switch inputs or remotes. As Roku keeps gaining market share of TVs and streaming devices, and as even Apple is embracing the platform with the upcoming Apple TV+ service later this year, I wonder if Firecore is missing the future by not embracing Roku?

would it be possible to port this software to pc or roku streaming device? This is really the only app i can use that lets me access all of my cloud content without download to pc, or so it seems

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the more devices, the more users you’ll get. and a much higher chance people will subscribe so they can sync between their multiple devices.

for the same reason why it’s not on Android