Infuse for macOS - TV shows: folders broken out

I have a large collection of movies & TV shows on a Mac mini which is my media server. All the TV shows are kept in folders holding all the episodes of the show. This has always worked brilliantly on my Apple TVs - go to TV shows, select a show, and then select an episode.

On the past and current (7.0.3582) releases for macOS, when I go to my TV shows, quite a few shows are presented in their folders (great), but the vast majority are broken out - that is to say, the folders are ignored and all the episodes for all the remaining TV shows are presented. This is a problem.

Can you provide a screen cap of what you’re seeing?

I am running the exact same setup as you … everything is running off my Mac mini as my server it shows up great on my infuse. This is how I have mine labeled.

TV Shows Folder


Season 1 Folder

SEAL Team S01E01
SEAL Team S01E02

This presents every tv show perfectly in infuse. Let me know if this helps

As requested, I think.

On the Mac do you have your TV shows organized like this?

(replacing the “Artificial TV Show” with your actual series name)

Essentially, YES.

But, interestingly, Infuse (macOS) doesn’t present these in this order. Most of the time, but not always, Infuse ignores ‘The,’ and sorts by the next word.

Correct, that is the expected behavior for Infuse. :smiley:

You may have better results if you also have the season folders. I’ve found that helps in many cases. For all of your “S01EXX” use the “Season 01” for folder name.

The suggestion to add another layer of folders does resolve the issue with Infuse macOS, but that highlights a functional difference from Infuse AppleTV. On the latter platform, all is presented well with or without having subfolders.

Regards, Brian