Infuse for macOS - Progress Update (12/18/20)

Maybe it’s 12/18/2021?

:rofl: :joy:

:sunglasses: :money_mouth_face:wait

I am waiting.!! When can I use it? It is 12/19/2020 1:05 AM now!!!

All dates and times are based on USA. :wink:

The first public alpha is now available. :raised_hands:


how can I load subtitle from network?Is it planned ?

Alpha version is available ?
if yes, yhare can I download it ?

How can i download it ?

Please read the updates in the first post in this thread and follow the instructions there.

Thanks for this information.
Not sure if I’ve doing all well however, I’ve already sign for alpha/beta program.
However, when I try to download the file, i’ve an error message like : page do not exist

Thanks for the reply.
But the problem is when i try to download it, an error message shows up.


Better version than before. Problem with the display of size of the metadata in Settings. It stays a fluidity problem when watching big size movie. Waiting new update :wink: Thanks

Je ne peux pas télécharger le programme car je tourne en rond et tombe sur une page qui n’existe pas. En plus, je suis inscrite comme testeuse. Comment dois-je pouvoir télécharger?

there is a problem, when i try to add files to infuse library, the files aren’t saved in the library, i can open the file but i can’t save it in the library like the ios version

  • when i add a subtitle i can’t find it in playback setting

Fantastic guys, thank you !! Fingers crossed !!

What a joy to learn this port on Mac! And to be able to test this version.

I would have liked to have the same system as the VLC player.
Use the Trackpad to move forward or backward in the video and to increase the sound.
By switching from left to right and from bottom to top.

In the meantime, it’s all good and I will remain a subscriber all my life <3

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Testing this on a M1 and an Intel.
I was under the impression that this is a universal app but the m1 system profiler>software shows the application as an Intel app.

I was hoping that the app would be optimized for the Apple chip macbook - is that something that is on the cards?

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