Infuse for macOS - Progress Update (12/18/20)

Wow this is exciting! I’m willing to test if a beta version should become available. I can run it on both a Hackintosh and some Apple Mac’s, Catalina or Big Sur.

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can’t wait to give this a try. any chance to implement some basic IPTV support? would love to replace vlc and other bad apps with infuse for my tvheaded setup

It’s something we may explore in the future, but unfortunately it’s not a focus area for 7.0.

that’s a really shame :disappointed:
did you guys publish a concrete roadmap or the major features of v7?

This looks amazing! Cannot wait!

You can see the published planned features here

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Wooa can’t wait. really exiting :smile:


Great ! I have signed for the testing phase but where is it possible to download it?

It’s not yet available, it’s still in the incubator. James has said as soon as it’s ready for Alpha release it will be turned out.

This thread will probably be a great place to watch for announcements. :wink:

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Thx for the reply

Cannot wait for the Infuse 7! It would be awesome!!

I’m surprised at Big Sur or later. I could understand Catalina or later. I suggest you check that. There is not much different between the two that could affect functionality of applications.

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It appears they already have.

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Will passthrough audio be supported on the Mac?

If your Mac already supports it with other apps such as Kodi, plex or VLC through HDMI then it should work as well. If it doesn’t then you aren’t going to get any sort of unlocked feature.

Question: I’ve owned Infuse Pro since day 1 - even still have downloads to the old Apple TV jailbreaks. I currently use Infuse Pro 6 on all my devices - iPad Pro’s, iPhone Pro’s, Apple TV 4K as well as a beta tester for iOS and tvOS. I’m not on a subscription. What does this mean moving forward? Do I have to purchase a subscription now for Infuse Pro 6 in order to update to 7? I’m a bit confused as I paid for infuse Pro 5 and 6 via FireCore and not the Mac App Store.

Update: I have an infuse pro lifetime license



Those with a subscription (or lifetime license) will get v7 automatically, as the current Infuse 6 app will turn into Infuse 7.

We’ll have an upgrade path for those with the standalone paid app, but don’t have details on this yet.

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Really looking forward. Thank you already!!

So looking forward to the update for Apple TV. Playback on Infuse is far superior to Channels or Plex but would really like a more convenient interface. :slight_smile: