Infuse for Ipad - Cant get started - Cant connect via Browser

Hi, recently bought infuse for my ipad after being a long term supported of it on my jailbroken aTV.

I’m following the instructions to to the letter to connect via browser to add movies but nothing is loading. Hang for a while and cant connect.

 Any help avaialble? T.

Which browser you are using?

We’re aware of some issues in IE, but all recent versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox should all work fine.

Hi James. I’m just using Safari and yes, my iPad is completly up to date with latest versions etc.

Any other suggestions on how to load films onto it?

App isnt much use to me at the moment.


Some Apps like Skype can interfere with the web upload, but Infuse should update the address automatically if it detects one of these.

Is Infuse showing something like :80 or :8888 at the end of the address string?

Also, please note the browser upload feature is only active when the upload window is open inside Infuse.


Hi James,

Not sure what you mean about the infuse address string?

I have the upload window open in infuse. When I enter the address in Safari it looks like it is trying to connect but then comes back with ‘Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding’

I have other players and apps, it they connect to the server with no problem.


James - Any help/responce please. Currently have a paid for app that doesnt work.


I’ve found that using iTunes to copy videos to my iPad running infuse is faster.

Just connect the ipad, run itunes go to the apps tab select infuse and drag your videos there.

Why use wifi to transfer big movie files if you can use a usb cable and itunes?

Sorry for the delay. Infuse 2 is currently awaiting review by Apple, so I’d give this update a try as soon as it’s available to see if it resolves the issue you’re seeing.

Just connect the ipad, run itunes go to the apps tab select infuse and drag your videos there.”


Please clarify the steps you are talking about here.  Not sure how to SELECT the app and drag videos there.


  1. Open iTunes and select your device that is plugged into the usb or that is “syncable” over wifi. 

  2. Select the Apps tab

  3. Scroll down to Infuse under “File Sharing”

  4. Drag and drop

UPDATE:  Turns out you can scroll DOWN the page in ITUNES to find file sharing. Multiple scroll options in the page make you THINK you have scrolled down, but you have not.  Three scroll bars on one page?  Hello Apple!




Thanks for the help.

Yep, doing that but nothing shows on the ipad!

I can see the sile in Infuse documents when I connect it but nothing actually shows on the ipad itself.

It really shouldnt be this hard should it?

Think I might have just figured out why!

All my files are VOB.

James - I cant see VOB on the list of supported files, is this the case?


Ah yes, that would do it.

VOB files are not currently supported in Infuse. Sorry.

Dude. What the F? The other day I asked if I had InFuse 2… Can I airplay my library without jail breaking an ATV2. So I went through the hassle of updating my ipad to The latest… Bought InFuse 2 and it does not work at all. Look in the forums… No VOBs!!! My entire library is VOBs and works flawlessly on Infuse on my ATV2. Paid the money and very disappointed.

It shows my DLNA drive and finds the folders… But no metadata…does not play…

I am surely no expert on this stuff.  But VOB files eat up 5-7gb per movie.  Converting to MP4/M4V cuts them down to 1-2 gb for most, sometimes more.  

Am I missing something?



Absolutely not good enough. I have Infuse on my jailbroke ATV2. Have paid you lifetime support (of which you are currently doing no development for despite being promised months ago that you were). That is a different thread though!

Bought infuse (yet again) for my ipad on the assumption that it would work just as it does on my ATV2 (hey, it is the same name after all!!!).

And now you say its not supporting VOB files?!

That really is absolutely not good enough!

Not happy at all.

VOB support is something we are hoping to have available in the future, but it’s just not available at this time.

I’m very sorry for the confusion.