Infuse for iPad 1

Hi, is there a version of Infuse that works on the iPad One with iOS 5.1.1.?

I am setting up my old iPad 1 for my grandson and want to put some films on it but the current versions will not install, is there a download available of an older version that will work?

I have paid for Infuse Pro 4 and am also subscribed to the newer version for the ATV 4K.

Thanks in advance for any help.

It may be possible yes.

If you have already purchased v4, you should be able to download an older version when browsing through the Purchases tab in the App Store on your iPad.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have already tried that and get the following message with Infuse Pro 4:

“This application requires iOS 8.0 or Later”

The iPad 1 iOS version is 5.1.1 (9B206), was there ever a version of Infuse that worked with this version of iOS?

Just had another look and found Infuse 4 (Not the Pro version) in my purchases, that has installed Version 1.5 ok and as you described. The problem now is that a pop up appeared offering a free upgrade to the pro extras, I accepted only to find that I have been charged £6.99! The charge is currently showing as pending in my iTunes account.

Is their a way to stop the charge? I have already paid for the Infuse 4 Pro and again later as I now subscribe to Infuse 5 Pro for my Apple TV4K at £5.99 a year.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately developer don’t have a way to view purchase details or issue refunds, but if you tap the ‘Report a Problem’ link that appears in the email receipt you receive from Apple they should be able to help.

I cancelled the in app purchase via Apple’s support pages and all seems to be okay.

Thanks for your time.