Infuse for iOS and subtitle syncing on the fly

I’m sure there is a way to adjust, out of sync subtitles, on the fly but I can’t remember how to do it. Hearing is poor so use subs on everything. But they often start well then get out of sync as the show goes on. Usually when there has been a commercial break that has been cut out. Pretty sure there’s a plus and minus adjust somewhere to get it right.

The option for this can be found in the Subtitles section of the Playback menu (tap gear while a video is playing).

Tried that but it just gives me options to adjust font, vertical alignment, color etc. See image

What type of subtitles are these?

Certain subtitles cannot be adjusted as they are hardcoded into the video.

Tested two or three with .srt subs. They are correctly named and work with Plex but here are saying subtitles none. But if I let infuse find them from then the offset is there. I tried some that came with matching .srt files and they aren’t recognised. From different sources too so it’s not like it’s one specific source. I wonder why that is. I get a lot of my English subs, I’m hard of hearing, from addic7ed as they nearly always have perfect synced .srt subs. But sometimes, usually because of commercial breaks removed, get out of sync and need adjusting. My aging WDTV live used to do them beautifully on the fly but most codecs these days fail on it so I’ve switched to local streaming with infuse or Plex. I like infuse because it works so well with the Sandisk iXpand attached to my iPad. Just so you know but on the beta, I realise it’s beta, 11.2 on my iPhone the iCloud sync is broken. Doesn’t appear as an app in iCloud settings. Does on my iPad on 10.3.3.

Are you streaming from Plex to Infuse? Unfortunately, external subs won’t be available when using UPnP or DLNA sources.

An alternative option would be to connect directly to your source via SMB or NFS. Doing this would allow the subs to be seen.