Infuse for aTV4 - Feature Request/Wish List

Starting a thread to keep track of most requested features/wish list

Let’s keep the thread manageable, can everyone only post 3 requests per post (new post for more than 3)
This will enable James to prioritise and build into updates

Here are my top 3 requested features:

  1. Trailers - option to play high res trailer from the cover art page enabling you to preview a movie before watching
  2. IMDB rating - I like the 5 stars rating system, but would love to either replace this with IMDB rating or have this as an additional info on the cover art page
  3. Resolution Label - a tiny indicator showing the resolution of the video file on the cover art page, e.g. 1080p, 720p
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  1. Please add Sonos sound support.
    In that case Infuse can stream the sound in the best quality directly to the system.
    Sonos has an API for that:

  2. Philips hue support

  3. iCloud Drive integration to synchronize metadata between iOS/tvOS Infuse app

Dts hdma and dolby true hd support if possible. Also 24fps playback support would be awesome.

I know people like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings but i would much prefer to have Metacritic ratings to be displayed. I consider them more trustworthy than anything else.


  1. A setting to force alphabetical order in your folder, no matter if it is detected with metadat or not. I have some TV shows, detected with metadatas, but who don’t sort with the others, and it would be great to have the choice.
  2. Trailers would be great, ideally with the audio of the interface or subbed
  3. Ratings would be cool, and as no one will agree of which site has the best, ideally an option to choose the site to fetch data?

That would be my top 3 request, in order of preference :slight_smile:

Philips Hue support would be extremely nice. A’la ambilight.

.ISO Support - This is the main reason I am such a big fan of Infuse.

I would like for infuse to not play the next movie. I believe it is feature of apple that continues to play the next video on hulu and more. I would like the feature of not playing the next movie in infuse.

New apple tv supports 3d tv content. There are some games already could play in 3d. So why not for movies?

  • Possibility to download files from Dropbox/Google Drive
  • Dropbox/Google Drive streaming without downloading files
  • Support for .iso files

Definitely .ISO support.

The most important feature is refreshrate control + video to refreshrate sync. Subsequently, 24fps support is part of this.

I tried many aTV4 apps that play NAS-stored videos, but the jerky playback without >video to refreshrate sync< makes them all worthless. This feature is really needed if you want to deliver on par with KODI (XBMC). Thank you in advance!

  1. Passing Dolby 5.1 to my TV for Sonos Playbar support.
  2. Per folder view options as Infuse for ATV 2 did, such as tagging content as TV or movie, setting list or gallery and manual metadata refresh. Added to this would be a per folder sort order preference (filename, metadata title, metadata date to name a few options).
  3. Display of basic file information as Infuse for ATV 2 did, such as filename, resolution, bitrate, etc

Please add the ability to sort movies by recently added (date)…(like plex has). This was the one feature that Firecore was missing originally. This is a MUST for those of us who have large libraries, because adding a movie will get lost/diluted.


Please add:

  1. Ability to hide watched movies/shows completely
  2. Recently added in AppleTV Home topbar.
  3. On Video page, show more info about its resolution, audio, if it has subtitles etc.


  • Playing .iso files is a must for me (and i’m not the only one!)
  • The use of my own folder.jpg files (which are inside the movie folder) for use as movieposter. When updating metadata this should be offered as an option. Or even better this file should be used standard when any info is missing (as is the case with our homevideos) as infuse does with my ATV 2.


Please, add a .iso feature for DVD and Blu-ray (with menu playback of course)!
Infuse is meant to be the best third-party video player for the apple tv 4,
Resolution label and ratings are very good ideas.
with this, i’m sure there wiil be a lot of apple tv 4 under Christmas trees all around the world and infuse app purchases as well :wink:

+1. And to elaborate, 24fps frame rate matching if what we’re hoping for. I know Infuse already support 24fps playback… Help us get rid of the the 3:2 pull-down!

James, is it even possible to support this in a future version?