Infuse for aTV4 - Feature Request/Wish List - VOTING

Hello @all

I thought it would be more functional and clear to use a voting to see what Features are most wanted in the community. For that I added all collected all open Feature Requests to a voting system. I can update the status here. If a important Feature is missing, just let me know.

You can start the voting here:

@James Hope it is okay to link this voting on a extern site, because its not possible here.

I hope you like this Idea for voting.

Much regards


Updated Voting-Style for better overview.

Actually top 5 wished Features (based on already 19 Votes):

1: Search Function
2: Watched/Unwatched Indicators
3: Integrate Preview Thumbnails while FF / Rewind
4: Allow to choose a different poster art from the online databases, same for background art
5: Siri Support (once the SDK is available to developers)