Infuse for Android

The problem with using PLEX on my Nvidia Shield TV is that I need a server where my movies are hosted.

The problem with the server (I don’t have NAS) I try to solve with my Gdrive account of unlimited storage, linking or mounting or emulating or virtualizing that Google Drive account in the device where I want to use it as a local unit with no limit of space or storage.

Android does NOT allow to emulate my Gdrive account to use it in PLEX but with Linux and Rclone if I can emulate my Gdrive account as a local unit of the system and access from it to my movies using PLEX

I would really like to use PLEX on my Nvidia Shield TV but as it is an Android device, it is NOT possible to link my Google Drive account with unlimited storage as if it was just another local folder on the system and I can NOT use PLEX as I do not have the option to include my Google Drive account with my movies.

Alternatively, in Kodi with its “Gdrive” addon ( cguZZman (Carlos Guzman) · GitHub ) you can use my Google Drive account with my movies to make my library without having a NAS or External Hard Drive connected and plugged in 24 hours a day but in PLEX for Nvidia Shield TV you cannot use that option.

That’s why I would like Infuse (with the option to play from my Google Drive account) to be developed for Android TV (Nvidia Shield TV).

I can’t use PLEX on Android if I don’t have a NAS or External Hard Drive permanently plugged in, because PLEX doesn’t have the same option as Kodi and Infuse for playing content FROM Google Drive.

Please, Firecore team, launch an Android TV version of the “Infuse” program. I am willing to pay for such an application and will recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you.

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Infuse is great. Last few updates have really improved it’s performance. Running from dropbox has made it easy for me to stream to my chromecasts… But i have san iPad Pro. My wife an iPhone 6s. I have a Galaxy S8+. I had an iPhone before, but decided for a change to android. It is a really good app, i would be glad to pay for it under Android as well, just as i did with plex.

Do you have plans for Infuse on Android?? Please please!!

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Please we need Android version, I will donate $50 for it, please, it feels like a part of my body is missing when using my android device, pretty please.

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I will donate as well. Firecore, start a crowdsoruce/gofundme to get the funds to develop Android version. Pre-sell it with lifetime subscription?

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Please develop it for Android TV. It’s ironic that I got Infuse 4 Pro, Infuse 5 Pro, then at version 6, I just stayed on 5 because I was content feature-wise, I in fact though the public cloud (such as iCloud) was sort of a defeat, or sad, IDK how to put because it’s like a sign we’re getting complacent-so far off of what aTV Flash meant. But now, the new addition of Jellyfin on 6 which is a very Android-y, opensource-y realm thing is what I’m getting 6 Pro for. Jellyfin, the server, is great; the player not so much. It pretty much sucks right now. I know it’s going to get better but I don’t know how, open sources moves fast but also is rather unfocused because of its million voices.

Last year I called it quits with Apple and got my first Android TV box and I still have to find an Infuse replacement. I like most things better on Android TV but I still keep coming back to the slippery Siri remotes when I want to consume my stuff and I hate it. I hate it much more because without all of the iCloud stuff (which I also quit) Apple products become quite locked off, ironically again.

Sidenote: I discovered Macs are much better performing without all the iCloud sync agents in he back. Exchange Server can replace iCloud and performs much better. Synology has now a decent, high performance light sync agent, replacing iCloud Drive. Don’t bother with Nextcloud, too slow for file sync, good for the rest. Resilio Pro and Syncthing both too heavy and prone to file corruptions (Resilio) and log errors (Syncthing can fill up entire disks quickly). It was not easy quitting iCloud.

Android TV has horrible network players, the sort of decent ones rely on server-side components and worse; on federated authentication, e.g; Plex. Jellyfin is the one good one.:frowning: Firecore, please wake the basement dev in you. <3 I’m sure you’ll do rad stuff two pizza boxes and a blackout later. <3 :smiley:


Yes, please Android (TV) version.

@james Are you guys considering/planning this?


I have an annual subscription that unfortunately I will have to cancel, one of my apple devices has broken and I have replaced it with another android so now it makes no sense to have infuse if I do not have the app for android and that way I can continue to see in my android device what I left in the apple device, I’m not a computer technician, but I wonder why they do not finally get an app for android,.


Yeah I have been migrating to Android Shield 2019 Pros so I wish they would port this app over then I can ditch my ATV4Ks. They would become the killer app, with latest emby/Jellyfin integration and thie UI with the ability to bitstream native formats, I would toss my apples as fast as possible.

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You guys planning bringing Infuse to Android TV? since now alot of 4k Tv’s from Sony and Philips for example running Android…

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tbh, i would have expected an answer in 3 weeks :frowning:

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Yes i agree. Would be good

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Im doing away with my ATV4 getting Fire tv but id like Infuse for my local content but ill use Plex if no Android version comes out.

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This might be the wrong forum, but I love the crap out of Infuse 5 Pro on my iOS devices, So much so I’m willing to dump Plex/Emby/Kodi for it full time if there was an Android TV build! Why waste precious resources setting up servers when this app does all the things for you natively!?

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Because every other release of Kodi is unstable and full of issues. If Apple would open up native codecs I would dump my Shield. Infuse on Android would be killer and I would not only pay for,it, but would contribute to a kick starter to get this moving.

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Hi all,

let me first say.
Infuse is definitely the best media player around. I have never seen a better one. Even compared to Zappiti or other expansive solutions.
I tried them all.

Nevertheless I started to use Android on a Shield TV Tube with Kodi since a few months.
And here are the reasons:

1.) The image of an ATV (4k) is slightly unsharper than other devices. I noticed that already, when I changed from the Mede8er to ATV4K. It is a tiny little bit, but noticeable.
I am using a 75 inch Samsung 4K , but also an Epson 9400. On the beamer the difference can be seen more clearly than on the TV.
(I am having a 125 inch screen, and sit around 8 feet in front of it. I know its close. But its cool :slight_smile: )

2.) The shield can do real Dolby Atmos.
Yep. I have also updated from 5.1 to 9.1. And its just great.
I am a professional Tonmeister and music producer, and have been in 3D since more than 10 years. It was time to get this sound at home as well.

3.) The shield has a tiny little feature, called AI upscaling.
This is a nice and intelligent feature, that enhances the picture in a very subtle and intelligent way. It makes it look much clearer and gives it more depth without overdoing it. It is scalable and can be switched of of course.

4.) One more thing. You can switch between BT 2020 to 709 manually.
I guess, we all have the experience, that HDR context is sometimes played back pale and blurry. If you switch to rec 709, the movie will still be detected as HDR, but the colors are much better and more intensive.
When you switch off HDR on the ATV on a blurry HDR movie, it does not have the same effect.

So all in all, the picture an sound experience on the shield is better than on the ATV. As an old Apples user, I am sorry to say this.

The handling of the shield and kodi is not as cool as ATV and Infuse. But Infuse would definitely benefit a lot from these features, that the shield is giving.

Vive versa, if you could integrate the features. that I mentioned under 3) and 4) into ATV infuse, it would be a big step forward as well.

And of course, we all know that real Atmos on ATV is a thing that need to come from Apple.

I guess, that most features, that I mentioned may not available on all Android boxes.

And btw, I would be willing to pay extra for an infuse on Android, or pay more for an enhancement of the ATV infuse.

Greets, and stay corona free, Gregor.

It would be awesome to see Infuse on other platforms. But I believe they are focused on iOS,iPadOS,tvOS and macOS right now.

The Roku platform would be a great addition for Infuse.

Is the possibility for Infuse to hit the Android TV (Shield/Nexus/Forge) a possibility in the near future? Possibly the greatest advantage of these boxes over the aTV is that you can plug in a external drive and play media off of it. I feel Infuse would really be perfect on this platform especially since the competition is basically just Archos (which is broken on the Shield/others) and Kodi (which many feel is necessary b/c it’s a whole nother OS when a lot of people just want a clean intuitive media library app).

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Any news if Infuse will be available on Android like Roku player, NVidia Shield , WEtek ?

Extremely unlikely, as a developer myself I can tell you that the Apple eco system is much easier to develop for than the Android one, trying to support the myriad of different screen sizes and many OS versions / hardware options is a royal pain. Where as IOS has only a few screen sizes to contend with and OS / hardware support extends back over 4 - 5 years of hardware with the latest OS.


Hi there, a little revive for this topic 4 years after. I take a look at the annoncement and didn’t see anything about Android TV :frowning:

Have you got some news or can we consider no development is in the roadmap for that platform ?