Infuse for Android

For those that feel frustrated not being able to use Infuse over Android I recommend using BubbleUPnP. It can transmit to Chromecast or DLNA (something that Infuse doesn’t have and will come quite in handy if you have a smart TV) and for local viewing you should use in connection with MX Player. You probably will have to buy the licensed version but it’s cheaper than Infuse. You can stream from a large number of cloud services such as Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. It’s probably not as appealing as Infuse but it definitely gets the job done.

We want infuse on Android


For Nvidia Shield only… (Only one android device, not all)
The most powerful device, another big company, continues firmware support, 4K Netflix, 4K YouTube, Spotify, game console, pass through for all kind HD audio formats and Infuse quality, simplicity, user friendly etc :slight_smile:
I thing it is the best formula for everything…

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Please we need infuse for android so bad please

29500 views of this thread , please we want infuse for android

Just got response on my mail to Infuse and they say that they will look into this…
So there is hope after all those years…
Currently using BS.Player for Android, but with Android 8> it crashes every time.

I also got the same response, There’s hope for us

Please we need infuse for Android !!!
Infuse powerful software + nvidia shield tv powerful streamer
audio atmos + dts-x passthrough
Best of both world ?

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Years already I get the same answer
It is just a nice way to say…forget about it we don’t want too.
The same answer for a windows version.

I told them I am willing to pay double for that
Same answer
Don’t hold your breath

I think it is extremely unlikely as it would almost certainly involve a complete rewrite as the inFuse internals will be geared towards the API’s that Apple provide.

If there is any port it would likely be to MacOS but even for that I would not be too optimistic.

It’s nearly inevitable at this point that a MacOS version will likely arise in the next couple of years. Apple’s WWDC2018 event just revealed that they’re bringing many of the iOS framework components to MacOS Mojave (next version of MacOS this fall), and they demonstrated this by porting over several of their native iOS apps, like News, Stocks, and Home (for HomeKit). The process of porting an app from iOS to MacOS is next to trivial. By the end of 2019 you should expect to see many crossovers from iOS to MacOS. I could only imagine Infuse has put this on their longer-term roadmap.


i only have apple tv for Infuse. hands down the best app for my family. while i like plex, Infuse plays just about anything (still dont understand why it doesnt play mp3 or FLAC). whereas Plex, needs transcoding for a lot of my vids.


please bring this to android please.

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  • 1 or + ~
    Nothing changes,
    I think infuse team doesn t want to port it to android.

Considering it doesn’t seem they plan to bring infuse to Android… does anyone know a similar program with this required features:

  • Be able to access to google drive
  • Be able to read metadata from movies
  • Be able to cast to chromecast

I have an unlimited google drive account with all my movies on it, and Infuse for iphone / apple tv is clearly the best app ever, but trying to find something similar for android is almost impossilbe. Plex doesn’t works because it needs a server, and Kodi, which seems quite good, does strange things with google drive, having to generate some files internaly to “cheat” the program and be able to show covers.

It has to be something similar to infuse for Android, so any help would be appreciated.

Hopefully they finally realize that the best option is to bring infuse to Android, since they wont have competence.


I think MrMC is a direct competitor to Infuse, works on iOS and Android, worth a shot. Might not look as nice, but seems that it is a good work around.

MrMC is good for Android TV but its not mobile friendly like infuse , please we need Infuse on Android very badly I’ve been patiently waiting for years.

As stated further up… mrmc is nothing but a skin for kodi, and as others have stated, isn’t near as good as infuse. I will admit that mrmc has a clean interface, but that is where the pluses end.