Infuse for Android

It would be awesome to see Infuse on other platforms. But I believe they are focused on iOS,iPadOS,tvOS and macOS right now.

The Roku platform would be a great addition for Infuse.

Is the possibility for Infuse to hit the Android TV (Shield/Nexus/Forge) a possibility in the near future? Possibly the greatest advantage of these boxes over the aTV is that you can plug in a external drive and play media off of it. I feel Infuse would really be perfect on this platform especially since the competition is basically just Archos (which is broken on the Shield/others) and Kodi (which many feel is necessary b/c it’s a whole nother OS when a lot of people just want a clean intuitive media library app).

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Any news if Infuse will be available on Android like Roku player, NVidia Shield , WEtek ?

Extremely unlikely, as a developer myself I can tell you that the Apple eco system is much easier to develop for than the Android one, trying to support the myriad of different screen sizes and many OS versions / hardware options is a royal pain. Where as IOS has only a few screen sizes to contend with and OS / hardware support extends back over 4 - 5 years of hardware with the latest OS.


Hi there, a little revive for this topic 4 years after. I take a look at the annoncement and didn’t see anything about Android TV :frowning:

Have you got some news or can we consider no development is in the roadmap for that platform ?

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You can see what’s currently on the short list for development here.

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Ok thanks, I’ll take a look at this post and follow it. Thank you @NC_Bullseye :wink:

I will post again that while I bought a lifetime subscription I rarely use the app any more. This is for 2 reason, fist I rarely use out ATV4Ks any more and that is because of the remote (now fixed) and because of the lack of audio pass through. No matter what Apple does of claims the conversion to PCM lacks the same depth and breadth of true pass through. Sure Apple does not care, funny for a company started by a man that was an audiophile and never embraced audio passthrough or hi-Rez audio files on iTunes. My wife uses her ATV4K on rare occasion when there is something she wants to want on Apple TV+ with her free year subscription. I can count on my hands how many time last year we used thenApple devices. Infuse in theory is far better than the Kodi/Emby combo I use on my Shields, but it supports audio pass through and sounds superior on most content. Infuse refusing to accept Android TV market is like leaving money on the table. Sure they need to invest in the development, but seems most developers know they need to support 2 platforms.

To summarize, Infuse, please develop an Android TV version! Do a Kickstarter or GFundMe, I bet folks would prebuy.


I just have to agree to what keithl wrote. I am using Infuse only, when watching TV without 9.1 speaker system. When it comes to projector with Dolby Atmos I am using the Shield with Kodi.

The new GUI of infuse is really great. I am really loving it. Kodi can’t reach the GUI and all the handling in no way. But it cant do Atmos, and thats important to me.

So please, if you could consider to make an Android version, I would be very happy, and also pay for it extra money.
If the plan is “NO”, you can say “NO”. Then I know, that I will not prolong my annual subscription.
I prefer honest answers rather than political answers. Thank you :slight_smile:

Wondering if this could cause a shift in strategy for Firecore, I am now seriously considering ditching the ATV, I was one of the hold overs as I hoped the next generation of ATV would finally give us more control over personal media playback. Alas our pipe dream didn’t happen.

Now the availability of all my Apple Media on Android TV in Dolby Vision and Atmos, I find the idea of ditching the ATV for a Nvidia Shield Pro very compelling with Infuse being the only thing truly tying me down to the ATV.

I ditched the ATV and now use infuse on iPhone + chromecast. Works better IMO.

I use my shield pro with plex for most of my movie watching. It supports Dolby vision and I get bitstreaming support.

I am having both ATV 4K and shield pro.
I bought the shield mainly due to the real atmos playback, as I am using an atmos Soundsystem for my homecinema.
Also, I like the AI upscaling. Not always, but as one can switch between on and off with just one click, it’s easy to decide.
I am using kodi. Kodi and the whole Android GUI can’t compete with ATV and especially with infuse in any way. It’s ok, and one gets used to it.
Having infuse on the shield would be phantastic.
Seems, I am not the only one, who would love it.
So James, think about it, please :-).

We have 2 ATV4K that sit idle more so now that AppleTV app is available on the Shield. I keep the ATV4K hoping one day Apple will allow bitstream pass through Audio. At some point I will give up and sell them, but for now they sit.

Infuse for Android would be a game changer as Kodi/Emby is constat work to keep them in sync and working and Plex forces transcoding.

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Infuse for Android would be a truly game changer. I don’t know who difficult a port could be but honestly it’s truly impossible doing a worse job than Plex player

It would probably be a complete rewrite as Android doesn’t support the metal renderer. I’d really like an nvidia shield version but I’m not sure if the amount of people who would purchase the app would be worth the work put into it.

It really blows my mind that there isn’t a good third party alternative on android outside the major players.

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Yeah I am so sick of Kodi with the Emby plug-in. Every time Kodi updates the Kodi plug-in breaks around various other issues that Kodi keep introducing. MrMC is almost too dumbed down and is hit of miss with Emby support. If Infuse did Android and shared the library across devices I would be all in.

I actually fine ATV4K sharper than the Shield even with AI turned on. Also AI only works on certain resolutions and refresh rates. The on,y thing that stops me from using my ATV4K with Infuse (even though I bought the subscription) is the lack of full audio pass though of certain audio formats and the conversion of them to PCM. If Apple would allow full pass through and Infuse would support it then movies would be all ATV4K all day every day.

+1 requested from last 7 years

Any updates on that? Android tv is more than capable run infuse. Even DV better support, than on atv, also sound systems better works with tv, than limited atv.
Personally own 77A80j and i have everything on android tv i use, only need infuse and i can get rid of atv.
Tv+, youtube(better streaming quality than atv), netflix with calibrated mode. Please give up infuse on android tv.