Infuse for Android

Has Firecore staff considered porting the AppleTV version of Infuse to Android/GoogleTV or Roku devices? I would love to run it on an OUYA instead of XMBC/Plex which are slow and/or transcode content instead of just playing it over a LAN.

While I’m at it, how about porting the iOS version of Infuse to Android? B-)


Thanks for the suggestions.

We don’t have any immediate plans to port Infuse, but that could very well change. :slight_smile:


Funny to read about this topic I was actually looking for it now.

Some background to it: have ATV2 with firecore/infuse and love it. A friend bought a Minix Neo X7 (android) playing content to 1080p etc..I bought it some days ago and cannot really stand it. HW is fine and quite powerfull. XBMC is awful to me despite its qualities but i am still into Infuse as everything is so well implemented and embedded and that is what I am looking for 100%. 

So sure, I can sell the Minix or maybe Firecore intend now to have their ATV version on Android in a near future? 

It actually would be a full pot. Mini android PC´s are quiet affordable, very powerfull, but still missing an OS (for media purposes) that is well designed. And Android machines are more or less dominating the market now...

And we all know that ATV3 will not be cracked so for HD content, >720p, ATV2 will not be able to manage it. Firecore, You have a GREAT product, completely different from others (Xbmc for instance) and it is a good thing..Easy, works extremely well. You can export infuse as a player for Android :-) or even better, do a full OS almost similar to ATV :-) 


I would buy it, without even blinking. Take my money! :slight_smile:


Well, i guess one reason for the fast updates that infuse delivers is that only one plattform is supported: iOS/tvOS.

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I have infuse for my Apple TV 4 and Ipad Air. But i would love to put it on my android tablets as well, it’s too expensive to buy an ipad for everyone when a decent android tablet is only $200.

I was happy infuse was free for my apple tv because i paid for it on ipad, but i would have gladly paid the $10 for every device.


I have Apple tv4. The best app on it is Infuse pro. Bringing infuse on android and then on nvidia shield, that would be great. I would sell atv4 (maybe i do this anyway), and buy one android box, to play some good games, not this boring “crossy road” games…

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+1 for me.
I have bought infuse on ATV4, but now I got an Nvidia Shield as well and would love to have infuse there.

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I use Infuse since first day in IOS devices, and I use it in Appel TV, iPad Air 2, and was using it in my Iphone too before i changed it for an S7 which i love, and the ONLY application that i miss in IOS is INFUSE :frowning: .

I will buy it even 20$! There is a lot of Android player, but Infuse is THE ONE for me.

Thank you anaways, you have done a great work already :wink:

The only app that I have on my iPad that I don’t have on my Xperia (android), or at least a decent substitute, is infuse!
Would love to see it on android!

Old topic but is there maybe some news on this?

Reason is that I’m on the verge of buying a new TV and a Android type would be marvelous if there were a good video player. It is about the only thing I presently use my aTV for.

It would be wonderful to have an application on android TV, not just on android tablet.

Yes Android TV are now very popular. It will be a bonus to have Infuse for that !

On Andorid you have KODI (if you know to use it, its a dream this - only UI is shity), and its for free. Who would buy Infuse (Pro) every year for 6,99$ - 12,99$ on Android. Be serious guys. 5% of users maybe.

I have KODI on my android tablet and firetv box. The UI sucks, too many things are buried in sub menu’s. It’s had the exact same UI for ages, the only real changes are in the backend for playing file types and to support new technologies like wifi and bluetooth.

It’s also not a yearly fee for infuse, i only paid $10 once for AppleTV, Ipad, and iPhone.

I am still hoping that one day I wake up and see Infuse in the Play Store. That would make my phone whole again.
Recently made the switch from iOS to Android. The only thing I really miss is Infuse! The integration with Trakt, and the style, subtitles, the whole picture…
I look forward to that one day…

I have iPad but I might get an Android Phone in the future too. so adding Android App would be great for all of those who cannot afford expensive Apple stuffs.

I have been a paid infuse user for years now, and I was an aTV Flash user back in the ATV Gen 1 and Gen 2 days… And… I can honestly say that the lack of Infuse is currently the number one reason I have not purchased an Android tablet… Sad, yes… but all of the Android options suck!

I bring this up now because I just shattered the screen on my iPad (suck…) and now I need a new device… and Id love to pick up a Galaxy Tab but I’d miss Infuse too much!!!

With 20,000 views on this thread, is there any new interest in porting over an Android version?

I got new Android Phone too. it would be great if Infuse for Android is available to public. Guys, I need to stream videos from my OneDrive Personal account to my Android phone. which App is suitable? I searched Internet but cannot find any App for this.


Which Application would you recommend for video streaming from OneDrive on Android? There are programs which can directly stream videos from Dropbox and Google Drive. but I didn’t managed to find any app that can stream from OneDrive.