Infuse for Android. Reasons!

Hi all,

let me first say.
Infuse is definitely the best media player around. I have never seen a better one. Even compared to Zappiti or other expansive solutions.
I tried them all.

Nevertheless I started to use Android on a Shield TV Tube with Kodi since a few months.
And here are the reasons:

1.) The image of an ATV (4k) is slightly unsharper than other devices. I noticed that already, when I changed from the Mede8er to ATV4K. It is a tiny little bit, but noticeable.
I am using a 75 inch Samsung 4K , but also an Epson 9400. On the beamer the difference can be seen more clearly than on the TV.
(I am having a 125 inch screen, and sit around 8 feet in front of it. I know its close. But its cool :slight_smile: )

2.) The shield can do real Dolby Atmos.
Yep. I have also updated from 5.1 to 9.1. And its just great.
I am a professional Tonmeister and music producer, and have been in 3D since more than 10 years. It was time to get this sound at home as well.

3.) The shield has a tiny little feature, called AI upscaling.
This is a nice and intelligent feature, that enhances the picture in a very subtle and intelligent way. It makes it look much clearer and gives it more depth without overdoing it. It is scalable and can be switched of of course.

4.) One more thing. You can switch between BT 2020 to 709 manually.
I guess, we all have the experience, that HDR context is sometimes played back pale and blurry. If you switch to rec 709, the movie will still be detected as HDR, but the colors are much better and more intensive.
When you switch off HDR on the ATV on a blurry HDR movie, it does not have the same effect.

So all in all, the picture an sound experience on the shield is better than on the ATV. As an old Apples user, I am sorry to say this.

The handling of the shield and kodi is not as cool as ATV and Infuse. But Infuse would definitely benefit a lot from these features, that the shield is giving.

Vive versa, if you could integrate the features. that I mentioned under 3) and 4) into ATV infuse, it would be a big step forward as well.

And of course, we all know that real Atmos on ATV is a thing that need to come from Apple.

I guess, that most features, that I mentioned may not available on all Android boxes.

And btw, I would be willing to pay extra for an infuse on Android, or pay more for an enhancement of the ATV infuse.

Greets, and stay corona free, Gregor.

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