Infuse for Amazon Fire TV

Still no show for Infuse for Amazon Fire stick? I mean it is on Apple 4 generation, why not on this stick?

Is there any progress/ update regarding Infuse for Fire TV? This would really be a very good thing for the community. Would someone please give us a response to this request!

Hi everyone,

the launch of the Amazon Fire TV is very interesting. I've always thought the Infuse for Apple TV interface was one of the best, and I'd love to see it on the very high powered and open Amazon Fire TV.

Any thoughts?


I agree. I just got one, and currently I set it up for Plex so I could test it out. I love Infuse’s interface so much better. While Plex does allow me to access all my stuff outside the network, it doesn’t like files that were ripped from my dvd’s, nor does it find all the metadata. The other issue is that Plex also needs my computer to be on in order to see my NAS drives which completely defeats the purpose of them… So, if FireCore could get Infuse onto FireTV that would rock!!!

Any news about Infuse app coming to Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Hello, I’ve been using Infuse on my Apple TV 4K for a while now, and I love it. It’s connected to my Synology NAS and it’s the best experience ever.

Recently I purchased a Fire TV 4K stick which is pretty cool, IMO vídeo is even better than the one shown by the Apple TV.

My question is: are you releasing or planning to release an infuse app for the Amazon Fire TV stick?


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Bumping this question as I also wish to know if this is either going to be a thing, or is already a thing as I’m planning on getting a fire tv cube

i second that.
that would be more than awesome, an android–/firetv—version of infuse…!!
i’m a big apple–fan, but the hardware seems to be better that the appletv, and it’s somehow less buggy…

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I really enjoy infuse on apple device. But I have
2 firetv cube and 2 Xbox. Hope infuse can work on fireos so I can abandon Kodi forever.