Infuse for Amazon Fire TV

Infuse is a great app, my favorite media player on iOS but seeing as Apple is still sitting on the fence about an app store equipped AppleTV, Amazon have given us exactly that with the FireTV box and it even supports more media types too and has a USB port.

Is there any remote possibility we could see Infuse 2 on the FireTV it would make an awesome player for this box without needing dedicated server software (e.g. Plex) only network shares or stock DLNA servers.

There is a lot of interest in the FireTV and Firecore could corner the local media playback zone on the box making it the app of choice.




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I agree with everything in the previous post, the UI of Infuse on Apple TV is my favorite. I'd pay a reasonable amount for Infuse on Amazon Fire TV.

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Here, here! I am ready to abandon my AppleTV2 for a proper 1080P-capable network-playing Infuse player on Amazon Fire TV, rooted or not.

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I agree, I really, really, want to see Infuse on FireTv, I'm currently using Plex pulling media from my Synology NAS, and it SUCKS!!! Infuse would be SO MUCH better running on the FireTv, at this point I would gladly pay another $99 to have Infuse on my FireTv and have it work as good as it does on my AppleTv pulling media in the same way it currently does from my Synology NAS. The AppleTv setup is so simple to use, my 4 and 5 year olds have no issues using it, but trying to teach them how to load up FireTv and run Plex forget about it.  Please, Please, Please... think about brining Infuse to FireTv.

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Whats wrong with Plex?

I agree too and already posted a request via my account profile.  This would be a great alternative since ATV3 is not an option and it has Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu built in as well.  One stop shopping.  Please see what you can do to make this happen.


Nothing is wrong with Plex but when you want to keep it simple, Infuse is the way to go!!!

+1 I really would like to see infuse in Fire TV.

Since still no support for ATV3, I think is time to think beyond our beloved but outdated ATV2.

+1, I pretty much only use my apple TV for  DRM content and to sync with other airplay speakers. The firetv is simply better, and I can use airplay with it for none DRM content. The media players aon firetv are pretty weak right now. Infuse would clubber them. Plex works but it is not as simple as just streaming from a shared folder on a has or router.

Infuse for FireTV would be fantastic. I have loved InFuse with ATV Black on my ATV2 but that platform is not going anywhere.

The Fire TV is a fantastic platform with tons of horsepower. Combined with InFuse, it would be near perfect…

I have abandoned my Apple TV 2 and went with the Fire TV. It’s much better and much faster. I would also love to see INFUSE added to this. I will pay!

I like Plex… But, with the NAS Drives I have (Which I like) I HAVE to keep my desktop running all day and night to keep the Plex Server on and running. It’s such a pain when I find out that it’s not running because my computer restarted.

With Infuse, you don’t need a computer at all, and no running server. Just click and point and done. So unless they find away to have FireTV be the server as well… defeats the whole reason I went and got NAS Drives. Yes, I know there are certain NAS drives that work but that involves hacking into them to run the software. No thanks. I’ll stick to my ATV Firecore and my iOS Infuse, and having to keep my computer on for Plex to work on my FireTV until hopefully they have Infuse for FireTV… :slight_smile:

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The other thing I would really like, which is great for PLEX is the remote viewing of my files, but I don’t want to pay the $4/month or the now $149 life time fee with Plex… I guess if I set up a VPN then I’d have remote access to all my stuff… Just a thought for future Infuse Capabilities…

The Vimu app is the best native option for SMB right now. Hopefully Infuse will eventually release a Firetv app

You actually don’t need PlexPass to view files remotely. Just to Sync and do multiuser.

1 more for the Fire TV platform.

Infuse for Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick would be awesome. Apple TV 2 is becoming a dinosaur and FireCore has clearly given up further development of ATVFlash Black.

I would love to see a version for the Amazon FireTV.

yes, please include Infuse to FireTV, it’s the #1 streaming device!

Please include Infuse on FireTV

Still no Fire TV support? Come on FireCore team! You can do it!