Infuse finding NAS share but no content - and then forgetting settings

Hi there

I just got a Synology DS 214 play NAS. Trying to add that as the share for the library. Infuse sees the DiskStation and adds it as an AFP share (not SMB for some reason even though I have that enabled as well on the NAS) - and it connects and passes the connection test. But then when I go to Manage Library and scan the DiskStation it comes back with Movies: 0, TV Eps: 0, everything zero.

Thought about rebooting the ATV to see if that help it find the content but every time I do that Infuse forgets the settings I just entered and saved, and for some reason has the share of my old NAS which is no longer on the network at all.

So if I go to My Files, Library it says: there are no items to playback.

Strangely, under the Remote Library I can access the files on the DiskStation. So it can see them, but it won’t add them as a library. And even more strangely the files in Remote Library have no metadata.

Does anyone know how to make Infuse see what’s on the DiskStation? It sees it, adds it, finds nothing and then forgets I ever added it every timothy ATV is switched off.

I have (I think) enabled everything on the NAS for sharing purposes.


I’ve also tried adding another share direction Infuse straight to the /video folder rather than the whole share, but same thing happens. It passes connection test but finds nothing.

Anyone willing to offer a suggestion?

Something obviously wrong, when I go into Infuse it shows the settings and content of a Share that no longer exists. But when I remove Share, the next time I go into Infuse it’s there again, a NAS that I stopped using a couple of months ago. And I can’t add a new Share. Basically renders the whole thing completely useless.