Infuse few questions

Hi guys,

I have few questions for you:
1- Infuse is not processing files that contain a pipe (|) as a character. This character is not prohibited on Linux :slight_smile:
What do you think about offering a feature for sanitizing/renaming those filenames? (eg. replace non ascii chars with their equivalent, replace the other chars with an _, and lowercase everything).

2- The movie 10x10 is available in but it is not well recognized on my side (tried both 10x10_2018.mkv or 10x10 (2018).mkv).

3- Don’t you want to allow adding remote HTTP(s) URLs as a source to a web server + directory listing?

4- Does Infuse process the metadata while the use is on another app?

5- Regarding Family Sharing, it may be an interesting idea to consider allowing users upgrade the app without using a third party website like This process should be handled entirely by finecore.

6- Cleaning up and simplifying the UI could also be great. For example, grouping somehow the 5 last menus (follow infuse, share with a friend, note infuse, config guides and sent us a mail) from the parameters to a single one.


I’ll see if I can answer a few,

  1. There are so many utilities out there for renaming files that it would seem to be just adding bloat for a rarely used feature. Even in the Mac OS there are renaming functions that would cover this.

  2. Try 10 By 10 2018.mkv

  3. no input, I don’t personally use it

  4. Not really, it’s only allowed by Apple a short time after going to a different app.

  5. You don’t really need to have track to share Infuse, I believe that Trakt is used for syncing the watched status of the shows but not sure. I also don’t use trakt but do have the app shared without it.

  6. I assume you’re referring to the iOS version of Infuse since the tvOS version doesn’t have those as setting options. Again, setting aren’t really used very often and creating another level for hiding them seems a bit unnecessary. (My opinion only)

There is a sub forum especially for Suggestions here just make sure to put only one suggestion per post so it can be supported on it’s own. If you put more than one it’s difficult to know what the people are adding support to. You can enter as many suggestions as you like but keep it to one feature per post.

Make sure to specify if your suggestion is for iOS version or tvOS version or both on common items.