Infuse FAQs


I want to know this as well. Would set the app apart from everything else entirely…

Also, version 2 - Is iOS 7 a requirement to install? The blog post is misleading about this :S 


Edit: Ok, it does require iOS 7 :P. Still would like to know how the library will work with streaming ability though :open_mouth:

Is there a way to remote control the app from another iOS device?   i play the video on my ipad and it would be great if i could control it and select next video from my iphone.

I’m streaming movies from my AirPort Extreme USB Harddrive. What a great feature. But can I view the movies on the gorgeous front page? (Instead of just showing “Apple Extreme” with a logo)?


Are you currently investigating the possibility of adding the ability for users to view their xbmc library/metadata etc and playing the files directly (streaming) via upnp.

Essentially making you the only xbmc style / xbmc compatibility / xbmc experience app available on the App Store to date!

Literally becoming, 1 in a million!

So I have a commercial DVD movie.  I want to copy it to my Mac and then watch it on my iPad.  How can I accomplish this with infuse2?



I’m running Infuse Pro 2.1 on an Iphone 5. As soon as I press “+” to add files Infuse crashes. I have tried to delete and redownload the app and restart the Iphone, but so far no luck. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. :slight_smile:





Have you tried rebooting the iPhone 5?   I cannot think of any obvious reason why inFuse whould be crashing.


I want to get the cool movies on infuse 2 that you show on your website.  If I buy Infuse 2 how do I get the movies?

InFuse does not give you any movies.  It only allows you to play movies that you already have. 

I love what the app has become. I stream movies from my synology NAS. This works fine as long as I am connected to the same network. I can set up individual folders as connected shares and everything works as expected (and beats Plex or other solutions).  However there is one thing that is somewhat frustrating: I have set a DDNS connection to the NAS so I can access all of my media files even when I'm not at home. I try to set it up the same way that I use within the same network, but I only get error messages, so it seems like that is not supported. That would be a great additional feature!

Does Streamin http is supported?watching video through URL 



Does the list of subtitle formats supported vary if you use AirPlay? 

does anyone have problem loading, my internet is 60mb/sec dl but it takes forever to load from my pc, could it be that I have about 15 thousand movies on the harddrive

Same problem with me, I have 35Mbps upload bandwidth from my home when fetching from internet it takes so long and sometimes I got “An error occurred The operation could not be completed” but when I access from computer it take no times to response my shared files from home

Hi Firecore

Fortunately I have just found this brilliant, gorgeous looking app, which for me ticks pretty much all the boxes except just one thing as highlighted above.

Is the idea of remotely streaming from a Nas Drive (switched on) when away from home (home pc off) at all possible, providing you of course have access to a wifi connection?

Thanks in anticipation of an answer.



PS- Keep up the great work and despite the above I will be upgrading to Infuse Pro tonight!! \o/

has there been any news? Just discovered Infuse yesterday and it’s great!! A folder option would make it absolutely perfect!! :slight_smile:

Each of them has their own advantages

infuse 3 don’t recognize mp3 en flac music, strange because it is on your site.

I see no mention in the app store description for inFuse 3 saying that it supports these audio types as free-standing files. It only mentions audio in the context of playing video as far s I can see.

I admit I personally would like to see free-standing audio files also playable by the iOS version of infuse as is the case with the ATV version. FireCore have suggested that this may come but I have seen no mention of an ETA.

There may be some confusion on the web site because that also covers the version of inFuse that is part of ATV Flash (black). The ATV Flash (black) version of inFuse DOES play free-standing audio files as well as video files.