Infuse FAQs

Fixes for a few iPad mini specific issues are coming in the 1.2.3 update, that will be out soon.

Streaming is in the works, and will be available in an upcoming version. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve got a few ideas for folder/categories we’re planning to roll out in the future.

DTS support is currently in the works (the path to license agreements is never quick).

Hi there,

Any plans to allow Infuse to play dvdmedia files? Thanks.





is there any chance, that we are getting something like a backsync of the watched episodes/movies to iTunes?





I just purchased inFuse as well 1. to support Firecore and 2. with the hope that Airplay and most importantly NAS support comes soon.  This could me I come fianlly use my iPad for the car along with my Grippdaddy mount for my kids without lengthy uploads to the iPad 16gb and then only have space for like 3 videos.  3 videos only last so long with 4 kids and 8 hours in the car.  Looking forward to the updates.  Support Firecore.

brettb.7561 wrote:

Will Infuse work with other cloud-based storage providers, such as Google Drive, Skydrive, SugarSync, etc.? Or only Dropbox?

"Infuse will be able to import videos from pretty much any app that offers a 'Open in...' feature. Dropbox is just the most popular."


I can seem to open up my movie files from my dropbox app or the dropbox website. Am I missing something?

When are you calculate to add stream from NAS ability?
P.s. Sorry for my bad English.

Just wanted to add a huge +1 to NAS streaming

I just downloaded version 1.4 infuse from the app store. I ripped my BD using Make MKV and transferred an 18GB file to my iPad3 using the file sharing feature in iTunes. Everything went smoothly, but in playback the movie frequently freezes the video and continues the audio. What causes this behavior?



Yep, planned for an upcoming version.

Has the file been marked as a favorite?

More info on importing from Dropbox can be found here.

It’s about 80% done, and coming soon. :slight_smile:

Hmm, would you mind running one of the files through ‘MediaInfo’ and sending in the specs? Contact | Firecore

MediaInfo is a free download available at: MediaInfo download |

Ok, I’ll do it this weekend after I return from my business trip.


I was looking for a good remote app for infuse on the appletv but i can not find one.

Is it possible to use the infuse app to stream from your NAS (when this is available) and then airplay it to the apple tv.

So that i can use the app just for searching true my library.

Ore wil this be to much load on the network

Yep, that’s the plan. Browse and play from NAS, with the ability to AirPlay to the Apple TV. :slight_smile:

Is it also possible to make a libary view like Infuse on the ATV ? e.g. that the iPad is the remote with the big libary and after pus the play button the app will stream directly form the nas.

That would be awesome