Infuse FAQs

What kind of videos can I play with Infuse?

Infuse supports 3GP, AVI, ASF, DVR-MS, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, OGM, OGV, WebM, WMV, WTV, in resolutions up to 1080p. Note: 1080p 30fps H.264/AVC videos require iPad 2 or later.

How much does Infuse cost?

Infuse is a universal app and is available in for free in he iTunes App Store. Get it here.

Can I AirPlay videos from infuse to my AppleTV?

Not yet, but we’re working on some great AirPlay options for an upcoming version.

Seems ok but why in the world would i want this over plex, no airplay yet and no photos, and does this even play files stored on my computer?

Plex is nice, but it has limitations. For example you MUST run the Plex server on another device, like a Mac or PC. Infuse is a bit more flexible in the sense you can just take your videos and go.

A number of additional feature such as streaming, enhanced AirPlay, wifi uploads and more are also currently in the works.

Tell you what would be a winning feature - wireless storage support - like the seagate wireless plus for example. Much easier than transferring videos to my 32gb iPad that never seems to have much space left! And it would support file formats that the storage devices native apps never do.

Since Firecore is working on a streaming option, it would be great if VOB folders are supported as they are in atv flash.  That combined with airplay would appease me because I would be able to use my atv3 and not just the atv2.

Will Infuse work with other cloud-based storage providers, such as Google Drive, Skydrive, SugarSync, etc.? Or only Dropbox?

Infuse will be able to import videos from pretty much any app that offers a ‘Open in…’ feature. Dropbox is just the most popular.

Just wanted to add my vote, I would love to have HD streaming, like AirVideo/QuickIO/etc …

I don’t mind to run a server on my mac or windows machine, they are always on, and for those that have NAS Servers at home, would be really good as well, so we don’t need to sync/copy to iPad witch many of us bought the 16Gb version and there’s no space left for videos :$


I’m buying the app, only to support Firecore, I don’t think I will use that often while AirPlay or HD Streaming is available.

Hey there,

The absolutely necessary feature would be the ability to stream videos from a NAS - I am glad that you’re working on it, hope to see it in the next release! I bought the app as incentive :slight_smile:

Yes, please, give us the ability to work with our NAS! Just bought the app and just upgraded to lifetime ATV2 black!

Streaming from a NAS isn’t a priority for me since most good NAS manufacturers supply iOS clients for video and photos.

Any chance of seeing DTS support in the future? Along with streaming capabilities that would be a winner for me!

This media player seems great! I’ve tried loads and none have got all the features I want, but this looks promising…


What about folder structures? Can you sort films/tv shows etc into separate folders for neater storage?

+1 for NAS/SMB streaming.

Would be great if NAS/SMB support worked just like ATV, so all the media folders people have set up for their ATV would show up the same way on Infuse.

when i play a mkv movie on my ipad mini , the movie not run so good…

I have a 64gig 1st-gen iPad. Can anyone comment on how well a 1st-gen iPad performs with Infuse? Not looking for anything overly technical - I’m just wondering if this might push the old beast a little harder than it can keep up with…

Infuse is specifically tuned for each device, so it should work just fine on the iPad 1. However, you may need to temper your expectations for the type of videos it will support, as things like 1080p are out of the question, unfortunately.