Infuse fails to scan and sync Aliyun Drive library after 7.5.5

As version 7.5.5 added the ability to turnoff smart folders, I deleted the old Aliyun shared library and added a new Aliyun library source on my iPhone. but it keeps failing in scanning or syncing library, showing nothing at all. After reinstalling the app it seems fine at first, but soon everything falls flat and the library is showing nothing again.



Me too.
Same problem on iPad as well.

Hopefully the developers will notice!


Mod Edit For Translation:

I just solved the problem on my side. The reason is that aliyun’s token has expired. Just log in to infuse again.

Please also post in English so that more users can benefit from your contributions. Also you may get an answer sooner from others who have had the same problem.

也请用英文发布,以便更多用户可以从您的贡献中受益。 此外,您可能会更快地从遇到同样问题的其他人那里得到答案。