Infuse fails to identify TV series or parse episode data from .nfo file

I’m attempting to assemble a media library with the metadata fully local because it will be used in a location without internet access. This is working well for movies, but I am having problems with TV shows. I can’t get it to recognize a single one as a TV show (all are classified as “Other”).

The file structure:

TV Shows/
---- Game of Thrones/
-------- tvshow.nfo
-------- poster.jpg
-------- Season 1/
------------ poster.jpg
------------ S01E01.m4v
------------ S01E01.nfo
------------ S01E01-thumb.jpg
------------ (and so on)

Infuse is picking up the episode names, so I know it’s at least parsing the .nfo file, but it is not treating it as a TV show or grouping seasons together. It is also ignoring both the poster images and the episode thumbnails.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately Infuse does not currently allow TV shows to be listed in the Library when using local metadata only. Sorry.

However, if you are able to set the Apple TV up in a location that has internet access, Infuse will cache the metadata and artwork on the device, and once complete the device can be moved to a location that does not have internet access.

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Thanks for confirming. I’ll stop struggling with it then – I’ll give the metadata caching a try.

I have the same problem: i Have a few TV Series (old Italian TV shows not listed in TvDB) for which I would use local metadatas in order to have them listed in the LIbrary. Previously I was using KODI and all worked great. Is it possible? Will this be possible in the near future?

You do have another option to get the metadata. You can join thetvdb and enter the metadata for the show and then Infuse will pick it up. One big benefit is that others with the same series will be able to get the metadata for that show in the future.

Is there a special reason for ?
I would also like to disable the online metadata function. Or is there a plan to add this funktion ? I don´t see the reason, why you need a online adjustment, when all infos are local stored…


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