Infuse - Export list of movies

I have a problem, the Hard Drive that stored my entire movie library crashed yesterday, sucks!

Is there a way to export a list of the movie library from Infuse so I can start rebuild my library again?

A simple list like this:
Movie 1 (1998).avi
Movie 2 (2013).mkv
Movie 3 (2005).avi

Aha, ok, will try that, thanks!

Nice work on the WAF :wink:

thanks and good luck with your rebuild.  I know I’m gonna loose a drive some day… guess the only upside is that it’ll allow me to weed out stuff I’ll never watch again!

Not sure if the structure is still the same but you’ll want to export the to a .csv. I did it as a part of this project:

For what it’s worth I used SQL Lite Browser from SourceForge

Hi again Miket, I can’t find the location of the on the ATV using Cyberduck, can you please give me a hint where it is :slight_smile:



Sorry, just realised I was trying to find it on the wrong ATV, my bad, found it!

Good luck. Lemme know how it goes.

SQL Lite worked like a charm, cleaned up the cells and got a perfekt list of all my movies, big thanks miket!