Infuse/Emby TVOS Marking as watched bug?

7.3.4 and Emby. So confused. So, I have a TV series and I have a row on the home screen for “Unwatched TV Shows”, had this for years but now something has gone wrong with Infuse. Say it’s 2022 Olympics. I click on that, shows 4 programs with unwatched indicator. Now, I watch 5 minutes of 2 hour recording, and hit menu. It shows a tiny orange line on the episode thumbnail which is correct, about what I watched, however the orange triangle on the top right of the episode is gone.

Now, if I don’t want to watch any more of that episode, I go up and hit “mark as watched”. Even though I have 3 more episodes not watched, it is removed from the home screen “Unwatched TV Shows” row! Now I have no clue what I watched and did not watch. It has ALWAYS stayed there in the past until every episode was watched.

Even odder, now I go into the library (show library is turned on), and I look for 2022 Olympics under TVShows → All. There it is, no unwatched indicator on the show. Now I go down from the show, to the season, and 2 of the 4 show unwatched, so, clearly the show should not be watched!

Something is really messed up here. Can’t find our shows to watch now.

Here’s another one, our local Sunday night news. 2 episodes, neither watched, the show and episode all show the unwatched triangle. It does not show up however in Unwatched TV Shows. The Saturday night version does.

Ok, so, more info and hopefully @james can respond. Using the Infuse iPad app, presumably using same InfuseSync with Emby as TVOS, shows missing from unwatched on TVOS show up as unwatched on iPad. So, something wrong with IOS version. Did a clear all metadata and redownloaded, still not working right per original post. Watched/unwatched completely messed up and really ruining the usability in TVOS. Not sure what else I can do.

Here is a screen capture showing a sample issue. Had to add the row “Newest TV” to somewhat work around “Unwatched TV Shows” not showing all unwatched TV shows as it did a version or two ago. In the photo, note KTEN NEWS AT 10 SUNDAY, shows as not completed watched on the Newest TV row but missing from “Unwatched TV Shows”.

This was broken recently and used to 100% work. I find this was by far the most efficient way to watch every show we record, we watched everything in “Unwatched TV Shows” until it was empty!

Can it please be fixed?

A second bug in current version is posters randomly changing. I might watch a show, say NEW with news poster. When done, it may show as Olympics poster, or who knows what. Click on it, menu right back, and it’s back to normal.