Infuse drops audio after 15 minutes on different TVs

I have an issue where Infuse drops audio after 15-16 minutes of playback of TV shows recorded and transcoded (and non-transcoded, tried both) from a Plex Server. It occurs on both a TCL and Vizio TVs, and the audio is set up per the suggestions from Firecore (Auto in Infuse, Best Quality Available on ATV, Reduce Loud Sounds off).

To restore the audio I have to power cycle the TV. Going out of Infuse back to the home screen and back in does not fix the issue.

My system:

Mac mini (2.6 i5, 8GB) as a media server running Plex server. HDHomerun HDHR4-2US ATSC tuner. Connected to 2 Apple TV 4K, which are connected to a TCL 48" and a Vizio 65". Everything connected via gigabit ethernet.

I prefer to use Infuse as the video playback app on the ATV, however I experience the issue I listed above reliably when playing back anything I have recorded off the air using Plex. Using Plex for playback does not have this issue.

I’ve been discussing this on the Plex forums but since it only occurs when using Infuse, it seems to be an issue with how Infuse handles the audio stream from the recorded TV shows from Plex.

Any ideas?

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We’re looking into an issue which may be related. This occurs when playing certain videos which change audio track formats during playback.

If you have a chance to send in a sample, it may help us track down what’s going on in your particular case.


Thanks for the very quick reply. The issue occurs about ~15 minutes into a show, but it’s a 1.4GB file. I’ll upload it to the link you sent me.


Sounds good.

That upload form will accept anything up to 20GB. :slight_smile:

Uploaded. I should also add I’m using Infuse Pro, in case that matters for codec/format support.


I’m seeing the same issue - I haven’t counted but I would say when watching a 60 min programme there could be 5-10 dropouts. I’ve noticed also that sometimes very shortly after a dropout there is brief moment where I see the spinning circle; so there may well be some change in the format during playback. I can provide a sample file if needed.

My setup is: Mac mini Late 2012 2.6 GHz i7 running Plex connected via Gigabit Ethernet to ATV4K running Infuse connected via HDMI to Panasonic Viera 1080p Plasma screen

I changed my video setting of my ATV4K from 1080p SDR to 720p and since then I haven’t seen any audio drop-outs. Would prefer to use 1080p though as my TV is a 1080p screen. Is this an Apple TV issue or an Infuse issue?

We are working on some pretty major changes for the upcoming 5.8.2 version, which should greatly improve how Infuse handles audio timestamps. This should add quite a bit of resiliency, especially with regard to DVR recordings with edited out commercials.

However, if you have a chance to upload a sample using the link above it could be helpful.

Thanks James - i’ve watched a programme with 1080p setting last night but couldn’t reproduce any audio drop-outs.

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