Infuse + dropbox

Hello, I allow myself to contact you because I can’t find an answer to my problem, I couldn’t synchronize my dropbox with my infused account, the loading is infinite and is not progressing, I currently have 28 TB of media storage on dropbox and I don’t know why infuse doesn’t want to load my dropbox, I’ve never Thanks in advance

Here’s the users guide for cloud services just in case you missed it. It may help.

I had already read the article, but it does not talk about my problem

How long did you wait and what are you seeing? Also how are you trying to connect and what version of infuse?

I have version 7.4.6(4271), I waited more than 6 hours because the connection with the dropbox is lost at each synchronization with infuse with this message “indexation impossible with my dropbox”

Hello, yesterday I managed to put dropbox back with all my movies and series, today the server is deleted with the same error message “indexing of my dropbox failed”, I don’t know what to do I’ve never had this proble

Are you able to send in a report from your device and post the code here so we can look into this?

I sent the email.
here is my GQD4B code

It looks like Dropbox is sending a 429 error, which appears to be related to restrictions on your account. I found this guide which has more info on the topic and some steps you can take.

I just looked at the definition of error 429, the problem is that I don’t know how to fix the problem because I’m just configuring infused on my 3 supports (iphone, ipad, and apple tv)

It may be best to contact Dropbox support as they will be able to access your account, and hopefully give you more specific details.

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