Infuse downloads .ass subtitles from OpenSubtitles as .srt

Platform: ATV 4K, didn’t try on other platforms but assuming it’d be the same

I was watching some anime series and noticed that the subtitles downloaded using the built-in subtitle search feature of Infuse sometimes get me messed-up subtitles.

When multiple people are talking (or if there are subtitles for both a person and for the background music lyrics, or if there’s subtitle for speech as well as for some term explanations, you get the idea) and one line is supposed to be displayed on top while the other at the bottom, they all just display at the bottom and overlapping each other’s timelines.

I did a bit of investigation and found out that it was because these subtitles were .ass files with special formatting, and Infuse just downloaded them as plain texts, making them unusable (well, not completely, but every time any .ass feature is used in the subtitle).

Is this a known issue, and is there a plan to fix it?

Example .ass subtitle that Infuses finds and downloads incorrectly as SRT: Missing Link of the Annihilator -Absolute Zero- subtitles Chinese

This is a change made by OpenSubtitles on the new site, and all uploaded subtitles are converted to text-only (SRT). Unfortunately, the option to download the original version is no longer available to apps like Infuse.

Hi James, thanks for the reply. It seems that I can still download .ass files from their website without issue. Is this a bug with their API only and if so, are they aware of it?

It’s an intentional decision they made, so I don’t think it’s a bug.

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