Infuse - downloading wrong movie info

“Infuse downloading wrong movie info, correct version Hercules” is from 2014 y not from 1997 similar problem is also with movie “Hero” 2002.

If you select the correct one with the edit metadata does it then download the correct info and artwork?

Of Course :slight_smile: BUT he should download correct one on first time right :slight_smile:

Well, I’d think that with a difference in language and spelling possibly coming into play as long as it does offer the one you want then just selecting it is a fair compromise. I’m guessing that the API first looks at spelling and then year so that may be why it overlooks the correct one first. Have you tried it with a different spelling in the language you want or changing the preferred language in Infuse?

The best thing is that Infuse will remember your correction so it should be a one time correction.

I will this but even If this is still bug… Infuse selected “Last Action Hero 1993” for movie “Hero 2002” :slight_smile: I use only org names for files.

Seems like a weird TMDb quirk, as the same thing can be seen on their site when adding the year into the search.

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