Infuse dont snyc with Plex Server


I use Infuse Pro on my Apple TV 4. I connected Infuse with my Plex Server on my MAC Mini.
It all work well when I connect the Plex Server for the first time.
But when I change something in the Mediathek of my Plex Server, for example the titel of a video or the sequence of a group of videos, I cant see the changes in infuse pro.
Whats wrong ?

Can you help me ?


Sometimes you need to manually sync the library in case the autosync was not executed yet. As an alternative, you can open e.g. the movie list . Make sure you open the movie list from Plex server and not the one from the Infuse Library.

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In addition to what elchupete said, if you make changes to an existing item and want those changes to appear in Infuse, you can use the Refresh option found on the video’s details page. This can also be accessed by long-pressing on a video’s in grid or list view.

But when I do it to more then one video to setup a new medithek, must I do it to every changed video in infuse again ?

I use the plex Server libary

If you have a lot of files you want to update, you can use the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option found in Settings to have Infuse update info for all files.

Ok, I just want to make sure. Because even if you use Plex, the movies also appear in the Infuse Library. And opening the Infuse Library will not force infuse to get fresh data from Plex. But opening the Plex Movie Page (I have it as a favorite) will force a refresh (at least for Posters, Backgrounds etc.)

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