Infuse don´t change the TV Series Cover

I started using Infuse 5 on my new Apple TV 5.
I really like the app, but I have a Problem with my TV Series.

My Nas is a WD My Cloud connected via SMB.
The Series are in folders like /Series/Game of Thrones/Season 1
but when I want to add a different Season Cover nothing happened. I tried it with season 1-poster and the German version (i´m german) Staffel 1-poster.
This also inside the Season Folder like: /Series/Game of Thrones/Season 1/season -1poster and inside the main folder like
Series/Game of Thrones/season -1poster
The files are .jpg but only in 500x800 but Infuse doesn’t recognize this and I still loading the cover from somewhere else.
I also tried to “delete” the folder and added it again after Infuse searched the library and deleted the TV Series from my library.

What can I do?

When the shows disappears from the TV show library do they show up in the “Other” library?

Hello, thank you for your answer.
I now solved the Problem after trying around a little bit.
After a complete delete of my TV Series connection to the NAS and restarting the Apple TV everything works fine and the cover changes.

Little Questions on the edge: is it possible to integrate the Soundtrack to the TV Series like on Plex? Maybe with an future update?