Infuse doesn't seem to be searching tv database

I have recently picked up an apple tv and infuse. It’s a great piece of software. However I am having a little trouble with the metadata searches.
I have an old dvd rip of the spider-man animated series, whenever I searched the metadata I couldn’t get it to find a correct match, I daresay most of the suggestions were movies. However, when I changed the filenames from generic 1, 2, 3… etc in to say S01E01, S01E02, the correct data and artwork updated immediately, so the correct metadata was in there somewhere.

Does it search all metadata? It seems to be a bit hit and miss about which filenames it recognises. I seem to have some series with similar nomenclature, one will be recognised and another won’t.

Another I am struggling to pick up is full metal alchemist: brotherhood,I have searched the tvdb and it is in there, but I can’t get it as a suggestion on the metadata edit.

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Infuse does have a specific file name format that it looks at to determing what database to search for the metadata. The “Series Name S01E01.ext” is one of the most reliable for TV shows and for movies it’s the movie name followed by the year. You can see the details here in the users guide.

for the full metal series I created a file named “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood S01E01.mkv” and it found it right off.

Avoid characters in the file names like the colon. There are many characters that are not allowed in file names.

Hey, thanks for the good explaination But sind some Weeks my Metadata Looks like that.

ist seems Infuse finds the halb of the Information and the rest wont be found correctly.

Same here:

And here:

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Try going to Settings > General > Show File Names and change it to title.


Thank you for the fast Reply i‘ll give it a try.
Hope this will do the Trick

It should, it’s actually a toggle between On and Off, you’ll want Off. :slight_smile:

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