Infuse doesn't see some video files

I bought infuse 6 pro. I linke my external hdd to modem with usb connection and linked the modem to apple tv 4k with ethernet cable. Infuse doesnt recognize some of the folders. After I delete the device and introduce again infuse recognize some of the the folders that infuse didnt recognize before sometimes. Infuse doesnt recognize see any remux movies. When I add remux movies to plex library infuse play remux movies. But I can not use plex through ethernet cabl that makes movies play unsmoothly. I use zyxel VMG3312-B10A modem and huawei hg658 V2 modems. Please help me with this issue.

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First are you using the free version of Infuse? Second you don’t say what specific type of video files you are having problems with so listing the file types would help.

Are the types you are having problems with listed on the bottom of the Infuse home page? Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore

I am using pro version and The file is MKV. I am using Huawei HG658 V2 modem to stick my hdd and to connect to apple tv 4k with ethernet cable. I deleted all files except remux movie and infuse didn’t see as well.

My streaming device is apple tv 4k 64gb with tvOS 13.

But what version of Infuse? v5 or v6?

Can you view some mkv files and not others or is it just one MKV file you can’t view?

I am using V6. I can see mkv movies. Also I can see the remux movie via plex server and can play it. But when I stream the movie from plex server it doesnt play smoothly because of wifi transfer. The problem is infuse can not see some files after I unplugged and plugged again my hdd to my wifi modem. It can not see some files in same way.

What do you mean “remux movie”? What’s the extension on them?

You don’t need to send private messages, I follow the forum threads I post in.

I thought you were an firecore employee. Sorry about that. I mailed them but didn’t get any support from firecore staff btw.

the extension of all movies I have is .MKV

Are you connected to the share via DLNA?

I change the protocol to FTP and it worked. But now I have buffering problem for remux movies. It is probably about USB transfer spped of the modem.

So are you saying that you were connected via DLNA? It helps if you answer the questions asked so we don’t have to clarify each time.

You may also want to try SMB instead of FTP.

Yes It was DLNA. I turned it to SAMBA now and it buffers because connection speed is approximately 50 Mbps and it is not enough to play the 80 GB remux movie. But the problem about recognizing files is solved.

Have you tried the different SMB levels? Try “Auto” first and then try “2” and lastly try “Legacy” some people have better luck with different ones.

Changing smb level to legacy increased the speed to 60 mgps. Is there any value we should insert for port number except 445?

SMB runs on port 445. Leave it as is unless you’re doing some sort of external access or running through docker which might use a different port due to port mapping.

Leave the port at 445.

Do your videos now play as they should?

No they don’t. I need approximately 100 mbps. My modem provides up to 300 mbps but now I can just get 60 out of 300.

Does your modem have an option to give streaming a priority over other network traffic?

Also you may want to turn off the DLNA server on your modem to stop it from trying to process files for DLNA. That could cause bottlenecks.

When I close DLNA server (which seems as checkbox as “activate DMS(document management system I think)”), Infuse stops seeing the FTP/SMB server interestingly. Despite of that, I can see the FTP server from my laptop through web browser.

File server speed might also be a limitation of your modem. I’m not talking about network bandwidth but the ability of the processor to handle file serving tasks. I’ve seen huge differences in different processors. For example an intel based NAS will outperform an arm based NAS in almost all tests even though they both have 1Gbps network cards.

Your modem is probably really good at being a modem and any other abilities on top of that are added as convenience features.