Infuse doesn't respect Plex's collection settings

If you use collections in Plex, then Infuse will not respect the Plex setting for collections regarding showing them in the library or not.

Infuse will always show collections in the library, and it will remove the movies in said collections from the main library view.
That means you either have to know what collection your desired movie is in to find it while browsing, or search for it.

A simple fix for this would be to add a dedicated collection tab view and respect the Plex library setting for each library regarding collections.



Infuse will list all Movies in its own Movie library. If you have activated “Collections” in Infuse Settings, the Movies which are contained in a Collection are shown in a “folder” which is the collection and will only appear if you browse down into the collection. This is how Infuse handles collections (Plex or its own).

If you turn off Infuse settings " Collections", all movies are shown in infuse library as single movies AND are still viewable in library → Collection as collection

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