Infuse doesn't recognize "Prison Break"


I just added all episodes of Prison Break to my Library and Infuse can’t recognize it even when I try to change metadata and search for the series. It doesnt show up at all.
I checked thetvdb and I cant find Prison Break there too.

Is there a chance that make this work in any way?

I am happy for any help.

Edit: TVdb just fixed the database problem.

I still don’t see Prison Break on There’s nothing infuse can do since it uses that database for tv shows. If the show isn’t there…

What’s I’ve done in the past for movies, was simply add them myself. is like wikipedia, you can spend the time and add the episodes yourself: How to add new shows? -

It got deleted accidentally and will be replaced when they get to it.

They must be swamped from the sounds of it. "Prison Break" vandalised? -

Well, when you break out of prison, you don’t want a documentary of everything you did afterwards to just be out there on the internet for everyone to see. You have to cover your tracks and delete the evidence :wink:

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