Infuse doesn't display dowloads subtitules

I have download on My PC subtitles for My series. They have The same name as The file, but Infuse doesn’t recognize them.

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First, are the sub files in the same directory as the videos? Second, it may help if you’d provide a sample of the video file names and the subs file names.

A screen cap of that directory may even be best to see if we can figure out whats going on.

Check if you are using DLNA to access your share. External subs don’t work with DLNA. Use NFS or SMB instead.

Hello. Yes both archive and subtitle are at the same directory. I download them via BS player and the programm automatically save them with the same name.

I´m using Windows 10, and an AppleTV 4.

And yes, i´m using SMB to share.

I can only use the subtitles provided by Infuse, these others it´s like Infuse doesn´t read them or something like that.