Infuse doesn’t show posters of movies with English and Arabic titles

Infuse is able to recognize the movie and connect it to corresponding TMDB data but for some reason it doesn’t load the poster of the movies. “See screenshot”

I’ve already checked TMDB pages of all three movies and they all have poster pictures. “See links”

Do you by any chance have Embedded Metadata turned on? If so try turning it off and refreshing those items.

Nope it’s off

In the Infuse settings, what language do you have selected for metadata? Also if auto, what do you have the device set for?

My device Language is English

That’s why you’re not getting any posters since none of the posters are set to “English”. All three movies only have Arabic and one of the three has 3 Arabic and 1 French poster but none have English posters.

Nope that still didn’t fix it
I just added an Arabic and English posters to a movie and it still not showing the poster.

I don’t see where any new posters were added.

EDIT TO ADD: Also do you have any other graphic files in the same folders as the movies?

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using a media server like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

Can you provide a list of the exact filenames you are using?

Apple TV
From a seedbox through WebDAV


There is photos in the same folder but none is named the same as the video file. They’re like 1.png 2.png snapshot.png

Do any of those look like the posters you’re seeing?

And again, what movies did you add the English posters too? I did not see any of the three you showed above. If you do add posters it’d probably be best for trouble shooting that you use the three movies you already listed.

Also, just looked that the three movies you listed above on TMDB and if you are the person that is adding posters that are now labeled as "English but actually Arabic please read TMDBs guidelines/contribution bible under “Sabotage”.

They specifically ask that you do not just change the language setting on a poster that isn’t in that language.

There’s a good chance they will delete those posters that are incorrectly labeled and they may ban the user that is doing that.

One last thing, also note that the sizes don’t meet their requirements. You can see that there’s an “X” after the size instead of a check mark. You may want to at least correct it to the proper ratio.

Just a heads up.

Well, it didn’t fix it.

Just checked and it is actually one of the pictures in the folder. Why is infuse using that photo instead of the one on TMDB ?
It’s named differently from the video file

Are these videos contained in separate folders? If so, that may be why the images are being used.

I guess the easiest solution is just to remove the images.

each video is in a separate folder along with punch of images.
Why is infuse using these images ? I’m using a seedbox with private tracker and altering contents of folders would stop the seeding.

If you have videos organized into folders, and there is an image file present then it’s assumed you want to use this. This logic has been in place for quite some time.

There are a few who would like to see a setting for this, so you might consider following/supporting this topic.

Of course there is.
Thank you

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