Infuse doesn’t play Dolby Vision

Hello there

I just bought a new TV: Panasonic 65LZ1500 and I downloaded Dune.Part.One.2021.DV.2160p.UHD.BluRay.x265-SURCODE.

The movie plays in HDR, but not in Dolby Vision. When I play a Apple TV show in Dolby Vision, it plays in DV.

Maybe it’s the film? Do you have a test file by any chance to check if I did Something wrong?

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Infuse will only play Dolby vision profile 5 which is what is used by streaming services. Unfortunately this is the only version that Apple supports. It’s not an infuse limitation. UHD discs are profile 7 and not supported. I’m that case you will just get HDR.

Ah thanks! I was not aware of such segmentations, HDR/DV/Profile. So I’ll try with Andor, then.

I confirm that Andor works with Dolby Vision.

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@munpip214 How can i check, what DV profile my file is?

If you use mediainfo to scan the file it will tell you what profile it is.

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OK will do that later.
However if my file has profile 7, can I convert it to profile 5 (with Handbrake or so)? Has anybody experience?

No you can’t. Not easily. There are other tools available that can do a fake conversion. Dvdfab has such tools. There are other forums available on the net that go over the whole process.

What do you mean with “fake conversion”?
After the conversion, is it DV and can I play it then with Infuse?

The only way to get a true conversion is using the master file and Dolby’s tools. Taking a disc copy that’s been configured to a specific setting and trying to convert it to another profile won’t end up with the same result. You might be able to make it do it but it won’t be the same. It’s akin to editing jpeg vs raw

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What profiles are those? Can you explain, how I can recognize it by myself?

Those are all HDR10. Basically the only Dolby vision that will play 100% is the DV that comes from a webrip.

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Hm, the site from where I got those says they are DV… :-/

Don’t mind, in Mediainfo I changed the view to “Test” and in this view I can see that indeed it is DV:

It’s Dolby vision profile 8 with HDR10 fallback layer. Unless something has changed the file is not supported by appletv so it’ll properly fallback to the HDR track.


How do you know it’s profile 8?

It says right there in the media info in the video track line. dvhe.08.06

See here for more info:

What’s the point of Profiles in DV? Is it to artificially segregate the technology to sell new stuff? It’s already complicated like that, is this driven by a real added value or it is just a marketing stunt?

I tried to read the link but it’s very difficult to understand.

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These instructions can be followed to convert P8.1 (HDR10 fallback) to P5 that Infuse will play correctly:

You can do conversion from profile 8.1 to fake profile 5 for the Apple TV but it’s hard for non tech savvy users to do it :sweat_smile:

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