Infuse does not sync via iCloud anymore

Well, just a follow up. I’m not seeing any watched status syncing at all anymore. I’m not going to do any major deleting and restoring for now. We use one ATV as a primary and I’ll just keep a written log of watched shows from the others.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that when V7 hits this spring it revamps the iCloud syncing also. :smile:

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Hm. The thing is I can not reproduce this issue. I’m thinking about completely restoring my 2 ATVs and make a fresh installation of Infuse…

I know you said iCloud but if you are signed into trakt it could be related to outages there. I know there was issue this weekend.

For me I don’t use trakt at all. There’s something going south with iCloud sync for watched status but it’s being a bear to figure out.

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Yeah, I do not use Trakt at all.

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Just to keep updating things.

I know this will jinx things just by typing it but as of two days ago, all 4 ATVs and an iPhone are now syncing watched status among all of them.

No change in updating Infuse (still 6.6.3) or OS, just healed itself.

Didn’t delete or refresh the icloud data.

I did notice that a couple of days ago the iCloud sync took a very long time, instead of the usual max 2 minutes and normal < 1 minute it took over 6 minutes on one device I timed. After that all was working.

Only thing I can think of is moon phase or crop circles…

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I’ve noticed that too yesterday.
I will keep an eye on it.

Hi , i have ipad pro and apple tv 4k can u help me how to sync the episode from my ipad to apple tv ?

Where is the source of your episode? Only on the iPad? Or do you have a central storage?

Sync problem for me as well.
One of the three atvs won’t sync the watching status.
Any advice beside waiting?


If you’re only having issues on one Apple TV, I would check to ensure the ‘Default User’ on that Apple TV is set up to use the correct Apple ID.

Even though the Apple TV supports multiple users, iCloud Sync can only be used with the Default User.

Apple TV > Settings > Users and Accounts > Default User


Will check
And update

I was having the same issues with the iCloud sync functionality. I found that if you delete the data from your iCloud storage for Infuse while your Infuse apps are closed on all devices, this seems to resolve the issues with the iCloud sync not working.

Deleting iCloud data shouldn’t be necessary, but it can resolve things (temporarily) if your iCloud Drive is running low on free space.

Some of the other requirements for using iCloud Sync can be found here.

Have plenty of iCloud storage. I agree, deleting iCloud should not be necessary, but when syncing doesn’t work and that is the only way to resolve it, it becomes necessary.

When syncing wasn’t working, the Infuse apps were all just constantly on Fetching from iCloud or whatever the message in the library section is. Even uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t fix it. This led me to believe the iCloud synced data was maybe the problem. Lo and behold, deleting the iCloud data worked and everything was fine from that point on.

If you see this happen again please send in a diagnostic report (and post the code here) so we can look into this. If you can do it from all devices, that would be even more helpful.

I was having this issue. I could see that my laptop was syncing fine but my ATV wasn’t syncing at all. So what I did to fix to this… I signed out of my iCloud on my ATV and signed back in. Hope this may be of help to anyone looking for a potential solution

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I have the same problem with icloud sync on Apple TV 4k. Past two weeks, sync is not working at all.
I tried everything. Restart, logging out of icloud. Deleting icloud data. Even removing app and data from all my devices and setting it up from scratch. Nothing helped.

I’ve a emby backend and folders in my library like “4k movies “, “4k tv shows, “Movies”, “Tv shows” etc.

How does this iCloud sync work. Is all libraries and metadata supposed to sync automatically? Or do I need to select the same folders on each device?
Ive two apple tvs and iPhone.

Say on apple tv 1 I’ve selected “4k movies”. That’s not selected on my other apple tv nor iPhone.