Infuse does not remember the last watched TV episode?

I thought at one point that infuse would remember the last watched episode of a TV series so that when you resume watching it would return to the last episode you are watching. I am using the latest version of infuse with a lifetime subscription and whenever I return to a TV series it always starts at episode one. This happens on iOS and tvOS using multiple Apple TVs, an iPhone and an iPad. Is this feature not available?

If using multiple devices you may consider enabling Trakt, if you’re not using it already.

Trakt will allow you to keep your watched history in sync between devices, so watched episodes will be marked correctly in Infuse.

More info on this feature can be found here.

Yes I already use trakt and I know that it marks watch episodes but there should be a way that when you click on a series to resume watching, it should start from the last episode you are watching instead of episode 1. As far as I am aware, signing in to trakt still does not help with this.

Hmm, Infuse should be highlighting the first unwatched episode.

This of course relies on Infuse first correctly recognizing something has been watched or not.

When you open a season, do any episodes appear as watched?

Yes episodes that are watched to the end have no symbol and the last watched episode that has not been finished has circle that is filled based on how much of that episode has been watched. However, on Apple TV, in the currently, recently watch list, you can highlight the series and just press the play button to start watching the series and it always starts at episode 1 even though you may be on 18. If you just click the highlighted season in recently watched it will bring up that whole season with the episode to watch at the top and then a bunch of thumbnails at the bottom for each episode. The show at the top always starts at episode 1 when it should be at the last episode watched. I don’t want to have to scan through all the episode thumbnails at the bottom just to figure out the last episode I am watching. This should be a pretty easy fix to continue from the last episode you watched like Netflix or even Plex for that matter.

For me doing the action you describe starts at the first unwatched episode - not episode 1. I regularly use this feature as I work through the episodes making up a season of a TV show across several days. Sounds like there is something else going on in your case but I am not sure what it might be? As a check - when inFuse displays episode 1 for you to watch does it give you the option to set the show as “watched” (which implies it thinks it has not been watched to the end) or to “Unwatched”? Do you have Trakt syncing of watched status enabled (I know that I do)?

Hmmm I thought I remember this working at one point but now it’s not. Did something in Infuse get messed up after that big iCloud outage? James can you weigh in here? Is there something I can do to fix this? Do I need to do some kind of full reset?

It works fine with me. In both ATV4K and iPad. Actually it also synchronises correctly between Infuse, the Plex client(s) (I have the plugin in Plex) and Kodi. And they all start from where I left when I press “Play”.

It seems something has got “stuck”, probably it’s a minor bug or something corrupted. For example yesterday, after updating Infuse for iPad, my currently viewing TV Shows, the ones in the top shelf, doubled the list of episodes. After I played one in the iPad (it started from the latest episode in my case), stopped and went into the series again the list of episodes for that TV Show was fixed.

So what I would do is to try disabling first, play one episode (the first unwatched in a series) and see if it changes anything. If it does I’ll try with another series and so on. Once finished I’d enable again and test. If it still doesn’t work I would disable, delete all metadata (in my iPad during the issue with the libraries disappearing it became 3 times the size once and it was a bit of a mess) and rebuild it. Then I’d enabled again and force a library update again. You may also want to keep the iCloud synch disabled while doing it, just in case.

Please see the uploaded picture of my Apple TV screen and this is the screen where I am having the issue. This screen always starts back at episode 1. I thought I recalled before the iCloud outage that it would start at the last episode you were watching but it is not working that way. I just followed the recommendation from this thread Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc to delete iCloud data, disconnect trakt and remove infuse from all my devices. I reinstalled infuse on all my devices, set up Google Drive with Infuse, trakt and turned on iCloud sync and it is still doing the same thing. It just starts from episode one.

It doesn’t take you to the last episode you were watching, but to the next episode that you haven’t watched.

If you have watched all available episodes (so there are no unwatched episodes in the season) then it takes you to the 1st episode.

So I am assuming in your case you have all episodes in that season marked as watched … we cannot tell from the screenshot if this is really the case.

As the above user has said From that screen shot it looks like you have watched all episodes in that season so of course you will start at episode 1. For example if episode 1 was watched but episode 2 was unwatched (yellow marker in corner of poster) you would start from there (ep 2)

So I have learned a lot from this thread and I think it has to do with the unwatch status. So I tested a new series that I never watched before and I marked the first two episodes as watched and now whenever I return to the series it starts at episode 3 and not 1. So what I am thinking is, is that I’ve watched the series that is having issues before. This is my second time watching the show so maybe the watch unwatch is all over the place. I suppose I need to reset the whole series as unwatched and then manually mark all the episodes I’ve watched already.

So I went through the whole series are remarked them as unwatched and now it works as expected which is always starting from the last unwatched episode. Awesome, thanks for the help.

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