Infuse does not probably keep track of watch-progress (Jellyfin)


When using Jellyfin in conjunction with Infuse, I’ve noticed an issue with updating the real-time progress of my current viewings. This appears to function correctly for approximately the first 9 minutes of any movie or episode, but fails to continue beyond that point.

For instance, if I’m watching a two-hour movie, initially, the Jellyfin Admin Panel displays that I’m viewing content via Infuse. However, after about 9 minutes, Jellyfin erroneously reports that playback has ceased, even though I’m still watching the movie without any disruption in Infuse. Resuming or pausing the movie prompts Infuse to resume transmitting the watch status to Jellyfin, but again, only for another roughly 9 minutes.

This issue results in a large number of my movies and episodes being marked as partially viewed in Jellyfin, suggesting that I started them but didn’t finish, even though in reality I’ve watched them completely.

I checked the reverse proxys access.log and it seems that Infuse simply just stops sending updates.
I also asked the support and send them the logs of my client but did not receive a proper answer. It happens with every Infuse client, no matter on which platform.

Any ideas?

What response did they give that wasn’t proper? Maybe save the users here from rehashing something.

A month after my ticket, when a new version was released, they simply asked me if that new update fixed that problem (it did not). For me it sounded like it was just a generic answer.

Did you update to the most recent jellyfin and infusesync plugin?

The InfuseSync plugin was not updated by FireCore since april last year. So I am using the latest versions of all components.

Just to say I’m having the same issue! Playback progress and watch status of media on my jellyfin server not being updated by infuse.

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I have uploaded here access logs:

One can see clearly, that after starting or resuming playback, Infuse starts sending Progress Information. But after a short time it stops.
It would be nice if a Infuse dev could look over that.

The problem was fixed in the latest update.

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