InFuse does not identify all my TV Shows, but Plex, and Serviio Media Server do.

In addition to the audio issues I’ve had with Infuse regarding certain elements in my setups plus the well known issues caused by the bugs in TVOS currently, I have another issue that’s been pending for a while.

I have 1 TV show that Infuse does not identify at all, however Plex Media Server, and Serviio Media Server do.

The Show is The Wild CowBoys of Moo Mesa. From what I have found out in testing is has it labeled wrong, so that doesn’t work. I have it labeled according to:

As stated, Plex, and Serviio both label it correctly, where as Infuse doesn’t add it to the library at all. Also MrMC correctly identifies the show.

Infuse uses thetvdb for TV Series and themoviedb for Movies so IMDB doesn’t really come into play.

Could you provide an exact sample of how you have the files named for this series? When a series name includes periods as part of the name it can get real finicky with how thetvdb interprets it.

I’ll see what I do with it. :slight_smile:

Here are some screen shots of the appropriate files and folders. Keep in mind that InFuse is the only item that chokes, All other media solutions identify the show and episodes correctly as per the above link;

I just noticed in icon view the names don’t show the full name, so if you want me to retake in list view let me know, if this isn’t enough to go by.

Your last two screen shots don’t show the full file name since the desktop truncates the name with three dots “…” to make it fit under the icon.

Could you switch to “List View” and make sure the window is wide enough to see the entire name? Or just copy and paste one of the file names in your post.


Already done, uploading season 1, and 2 list now.

here are a couple screenshots from Plex to confirm the show is recognized the way I have it setup

Got it.

If you remove the periods after the letters “C” “O” and “W” from both the file names and the main folder it automatically pulls the correct metadata and artwork.

I just tried it and it pulled everything correctly.

This is a similar issue to the Marvel Agents of Shield series where there’s a dot after every letter of “shield” but that causes issues with Infuses naming format since it sees periods the same as spaces so you end up with effectively a double space after the word COW since you have both a period and a space right after it.
Also it looks as though thetvdb is seeing the C.O.W. as a single word instead of three initials.

OK how about changing it to this" Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa"

I got it, the name: “Wild West COW Boys of Moo Mesa” works this is such a pain sometimes with naming.
Thanks again NC Bullseye, seems like that’s all it was, a naming issue conflicting with InFuse, the seasons are in the Library now, and they are playing without issues. Typically for TV I leave that to disc, or online streaming where it’s already set up. I have a few shows that were easy to old, but most of the time I don’t bother and just add movies, and other videos, and music, etc. The other thing about Cowboys is it seems to be out of print so I haven’t been able to buy an official copy. What I have is what I downloaded. It was a show I saw at the beginning of my teenage years.

You can try “cowboys” but I know that “Wild West COW Boys of Moo Mesa S01E01” works without having to do anything extra.

I know it’s a pain when you’re working with a preexisting library but once you get used to checking the names as you add them it’s not really a problem.

Your welcome and good luck!

I’m coming back to this thread which I started with a different issue to ask about another issue regarding TV shows, that isn’t InFuse specific.

Basically, I’ve learned how to navigate my way around TV discs, and grab the episode files vs the one big file with multiple episodes inside.

My question is, I’ve recently discovered the studio identifies the episodes and seasons differently at times from how they are identified in the services software uses to match shows and metadata.

Here are a couple examples:

Saved by the Bell was put together as a 5 Season DVD set, between 3 DVD boxes. The first contains seasons 1, and 2, second includes seasons 3, and 4, and season 5 is in it’s own box. Come to find out, online the show has only 4 seasons and episodes on one DVD set are actually included in a different season online.
Saved by the Bell I was able to set up correctly, and all is well.

The second example is Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, it has 2 seasons, but again on the DVD packaging, the episodes are labeled differently from what online sources such as have.

Example episode differences are:
episode 1 Awakening, on disc it’s a one part episode simply called “Awakening” online it’s labeled as two separate episodes labeled as:
episode 1: Awakening (1)
episode 2: Awakening (2)
There are other episodes in similar differences. How am I supposed to deal with this? It seems like it makes it impossible to properly add TV shows at times to a local streaming solution. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

This literally takes 20 seconds for me to rename full series of shows using Advanced Renamer:

Just add 3 subtraction jobs to get rid of the periods.

I think we’re on two different topics here. The period issue was solved already. The Issue I posted is what to do when the DVD copy of the show is arranged differently from what the online sources say it should be. I gave a couple examples. 1, I resolved on my own. The second one I haven’t.

May be a better idea to post a new thread instead of reviving an old one. Just a thought.

You can still use Advanced Renamer for Future series.

But for your DVD situation. The problem is that third parties buy the rights to the TV series and put them on discs however they want. They aren’t always correct and are simply ploys to squeeze out some extra money for the people not buying a box set. Saved by the Bell only has 4 seasons, and you should name and rip them properly to how they aired. The specials are labeled as season 00.

Trying to accomodate dvd set differences would create a whole host of problems.

Saved by the Bell is fixed, and I’ve set it up according to the online database. The problem now is Buck Rogers. Buck Rogers is a different problem then Saved by the bell was. Saved by the Bell had all the episodes on DVD as listed online, I just had to re-organize them into the 4 seasons instead of 5. With Buck Rogers that’s not so easy. Online, it shows as several episodes are separated into two episodes, but on my DVD set, they are one file. So the only thing I can think of is to follow Plex’s instructions for naming multi episode files. My question is, is this the best solution, or is there something better I can do?

If they are one file, I would just skip the second episode. So episode 1, then 3, then 5, then 6, then 8, 9, 10…

OK, so as an example name Awakening as Awakening (1), then skip to the next episode if the second part is a separate file. So in theory I’ll have all the episodes but they may not match the site exactly, especially those that are supposed to be 2 parts will only show up as part one, but be the full episode.

Yes, they’ll only show up as part 1 of the episode. Not really a big deal if you plan on watching the episodes straight through.

Thanks so much, it will give me something to work on during the rainy weather. I’ll try to add my series that conform to the online database first, then work on the obscure ones. I know If I use Plex and follow their multi episode naming for one file, both parts will show up for the one file. Since Infuse has native Plex support, will it follow the Plex naming guidelines as well? If I chose to go the multi episode per file naming scheme ?

Anyway, you’ve given me some good starting points here. I’ll do some testing to see which works bess for my setup.

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it will show both episode, but they link to the same file. So when you click on either episode, it just starts from the beginning of that file. This creates confusion for anyone watching in the house, so I just drop the second part of the episode, so they can watch sequentially and let it play through. It’s just simpler and works better to drop the second part.