Infuse does not fetch metadata for a special episode of the show "Big Bounce"


I have the following show with these files:

Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 0x00 - Das Phänomen Trampolin.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 0x01 - Das Promi Special.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 1x02.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 1x03.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 1x04.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 1x05.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 1x06.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x01.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x02.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x03.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x04.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x05.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x06.mp4
Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 2x07.mp4

corresponding to this show: Big Bounce – Die Trampolin Show -

Infuse does fetch every episode including

Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 0x01 - Das Promi Special.mp4

But it fails to recognize the first special episode

Big Bounce - Die Trampolin Show - 0x00 - Das Phänomen Trampolin

which gets listed under Other. When I try to manually set the metadata, I can see that Infuse is looking in TheMovieDB, not TheTVDB.

I tried renaming the episodes to the S00E00 pattern and even removed the Die Trampolin Show, but Infuse just can’t recognize the first special episode.

Any ideas?

I’ve never seen a special with a episode number of “00” on TVDB so I’m guessing it’s a goof on their part. Usually other listing sources would us the episode “00” to denote a “Special” for a specific season but not that I’ve seen on TMDB before.

Maybe try using S00E01 and S00E02 as an experiment and see it it finds anything.

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Thank s a lot for your answer, @NC_Bullseye!

Actually, there is a number of special episodes beginning with 0x00. Just out of my mind:

(I’ve seen others, too).

I tried your suggestion and rename the files from 0x00 and 0x01 to 0x01 and 0x02. Then, Infuse mixes them up - showing the wrong title and discription for both special episides (but interestingly, it shows the (wrong) title and description for “0x02”, but that episode does not exist in the TVDB at Big Bounce – Die Trampolin Show - Aired Order - Specials - :roll_eyes:).

So I assume Infuse sees the “00” in the filename and just doesn’t recognize it as a series, but as a movie? That would be a bummer :neutral_face:

I’m going to guess that episode “00” isn’t supported in their API so that may be the issue. It really doesn’t follow their numbering convictions with 00 for both season and episode.

This may be a problem for TVDB to correct their database but since the big change in their system for corrections I’m not sure how to go about it.

Since it does show both as specials when labeled as 01 and 02 even if the wrong info is displayed seems to point to a database error on their part.

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Interesting thoughts, @NC_Bullseye - I never thought about their API. I could imagine that Infuse tries to pull metadata for “0x00” and the API does not return a match, returns a wrong match or whatever. If that is the case, I will try and contact TheTVDB, curious what they say about it.

On thing that comes to my mind (it “might” be also a problem on Infuse side):

When I edit the metadata (manually selecting it) for that special episode (0x00), Infuse searches TheMovieDB database, not TheTVDB database (it shows suggestions for movies, not for series).

So either Infuse does not recognize “0x00” as a series, or it tries to fetch the data from TheTVDB, gets nothing back and uses TheMoveDB as a fallback.

Do you personally have any other series that have a S00E00 episode? That would be interesting to see if other shows with that worked correctly.

Yes I have a first special episode for “Kitchen Impossible”, and there was also a problem, funny I never recognized it.

But know hold your hat: An hour ago I opened a support ticket at TheTVDB, described the problem, asked for the behavior of the API, asked if numbering should start with 0 or 1 etc… and minutes ago I got this reply:

Evan_ posted 2/6/21 6:33 PM
I fixed the numbers.

[Ticket closed]


Well, I guess special episodes beginnig with “0” are not the norm :wink:


They don’t seem to put a lot of verbiage in their communications but at least they acknowledged the issue.

I’ll also guess that if you only mentioned the one series that they won’t dig into looking for others like the ones you mentioned. :wink:

Glad you got things ironed out. :+1:

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As a follow up, I against my better judgment went down that rabbit hole and did a search and it seems that TVDB has hundreds of shows with a S00E00 episode so maybe their just going to ignore things and fix squeaky wheels. LOL They may have overlooked this little “oops”.

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Well, I mentioned the two series which I also listed above in this thread :slight_smile: I think it was kind of funny, without any acknowledgement, or other information, he just fixed the two series and closed the ticket immediately. It seems to me, the problem is well known :wink:

First, Infuse on my iPhone was kind of confused after the change and listed the two first special episodes (that were “0x00” and “0x01” before) in the wrong order. But after some refreshs, now everything is fine :slight_smile: (my AppleTV had the correct metadata for the episodes immediately after the change).

Oh wow, really? I decided to do a little test and tried to add a special episode “0x00” to a series. After setting the episode number to 0 and saving it, TheTVDB shows

Whoops, looks like something went wrong

I can imagine, that in the past an episode index beginning at 0 was allowed by the UI and maybe later considered a bug and fixed, leaving a lot of old series in the now disallowed format.

He seems to be a man of few words but I guess I can live with that when at least they react. I’m not going to dig around too much but I’m guessing your spot on with them knowing about the problem but waiting for a generated need to fix the issues as requested instead of doing a preemptive across the board fix.

I’m going to guess that Infuse has to treat the iOS version a bit different since it could cause excessive data issues on cellular bills if it checked things and synced too often. Just a guess though. Good that it finally propagated!

Again, thanks for keeping up with this and thanks for the help with getting some more glitches fixed on TVDB so everyone benefits. :+1:

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