Infuse does not detect my annual subscription

I purchased the Infuse annual subscription package on November 9, using the right trial until December 9.
However, when opening the app again around 12/15 and until today, he claims that I am not a Pro user, opens the subscription screen again, and when I send him to update, he sends the following text message:

Unable to restore
This item was purchased by a different Apple ID. Sigin in with that Apple ID and try again.

The problem is that I only have a valid Apple ID on my device, I don’t use Family Sharing, and I don’t have an Apple device other than my iPad Pro.
When opening the iPad settings, there is an Infuse 6 subscription valid until November 2021, as well as in the AppStore app there is also the same subscription.
I am unable to perform the functions of Infuse Pro, nor am I able to synchronize or play certain media files.
Here are the screenshoots of the problem:
Versions: Infuse 6.5.8
iPad Pro 3rd Generation AppOs 14.3

This can appear when the Apple
ID used to download the app (or an update) does not match the one used for the subscription. This is an Apple limitation and not something we can workaround in Infuse.

You should be able to resolve this by deleting the app and redownloading while logged in with the Apple ID used for the subscription.