Infuse Does Not Automatically Select Default or Forced Subtitle Tracks

What are the proper subtitle settings for Infuse to automatically select subtitles with a default or forced flag in an MKV container?

Use case: I am watching a primarily English language movie/tv show with subtitled foreign language sections on an AppleTV. I have used MKVToolNix to flag the appropriate subtitle tracks as “Default” and “Forced.” Plex recognizes the forced flag. The subtitles are PGS format from Blu-ray rips.

In the Infuse AppleTV player, my settings are Playback->Subtitles->Forced Only and Language->Subtitles->Auto, but this still does not automatically select the default or forced track and I have to manually select it. Infuse recognizes the Default and Forced flags on the subtitle selection menu, but it does not automatically select them upon playback.

I have also tried Playback->Subtitles->Forced Only and Language->Subtitles->English, but this automatically selects the first English language subtitle track even on MKVs where there is not a Forced flag.

Any tips for settings that will force Infuse to automatically select the default/forced subtitle track upon playback of a file?

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I don’t use subs often so I’m not real versed in how they all work with the different settings.

I believe that Infuse will remember your subtitle settings for a series once you set them on the first episode. Then when you play the next you shouldn’t have to re-select them. If I’m remembering correctly this worked for me.

I use subtitles all the time (I’ve killed my hearing riding around in planes for decades without protection). I usually select my external tracks when available, or English otherwise. Infuse remembers that choice, and keeps playing that same track until I select the other. I suspect if you play a (title) track, Infuse will continue to play those until you select something different?

I am not using external SRT subtitles. I am using PGS subtitles that are inside the MKV container and which were ripped directly from the Blu-ray.

The MKVs include multiple English subtitle tracks, but I only want infuse to automatically play English language tracks that are flagged “Default” or “Forced.” So far I have not found a way to accomplish this.

Playback->Subtitles->Auto and Language->Subtitles->Auto does not automatically select the flagged default track even though, intuitively, it should.

Playback->Subtitles->Forced Only and Language->Subtitles->English will automatically select the forced English track on files with a forced English track, but it will also select the first English track on files where there are not any forced English subtitles, which is infuriating. This setting should only automatically play Forced English tracks.

I have never come across this. I only use forced subs and only ever see any subtitles if there are forced subs.

I do however have
Language > Subtitles left on auto so May be worth trying that.

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I tried using Language->Subtitles->Auto, and Infuse did not automatically select the forced English track.

Maybe can you post a media info of one of your mkv? I don’t think infuse looks at default. Only forced flag. I also don’t have issues with forced or not forced.

Text #2
ID : 6
ID in the original source medium : 4608 (0x1200)
Format : PGS
Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs
Duration : 14 min 56 s
Bit rate : 3 125 b/s
Frame rate : 0.056 FPS
Count of elements : 50
Stream size : 342 KiB (0%)
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : Yes
Original source medium : Blu-ray