Infuse DLNA TV external player

I would like to use the Infuse app and directly play the videos on my Samsung TV. I attached a photo of the feature I am asking, while using another app. Are there any plans to introduce this feature? Everyone with a smart TV would benefit from this…
Thank you

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You can buy an 3rd gen Apple TV (abt.25,00 EUR on ebay) and use Airplay. Or buy a 4th gen and use Infuse directly on ATV

That is correct. But why not adding this feature without and remove the need of using and Apple TV?

I am looking for the same thing.

Please make it happen in Plex Infuse 6!!

You should probably post that in the Plex forum. :wink:

Major fail on my part!!! I really meant to say Infuse 6!!! FacePalmSlap in full effect!!