Infuse displaying January 1970 date when date metadata is missing

See screenshot below. It displays the 1970 date but the tv episode doesn’t have air date metadata. See Megastructures - Ekati Diamond Mine (Diamond Diggers) -

Just a guess but that may be the date that TVDB defaults to when the data isn’t available? Have you looked at any others you know don’t have air dates?

After digging around a bit on the TVDB forum it seems that’s a known issue and appears to be on their radar to fix.

I have this issue as well.

Not just a missing air date issue as my episodes all had valid air dates.

Did you mean to post in this thread? The op’s issue has been solved and was due to a issue at TVDB.

It was my intention to post as I had encountered the same issue with no solution provided. I have just reloaded metadata from my problem show and confirm that it is behaving correctly. I will tag that post as solved now. thx

It may be showing the correct air date but now I’m curious as to why the cast is so hosed up. I created a dummy file and it’s cast is really bizarre. I have a few shows like that and I’m trying to figure out why.

Thanks for letting us know that your weird date issue is resolved!

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