Infuse displaying folder icon on TV series

I have 5 tv series on my plex server. I am running infuse on an apple tv 4k. All latest versions of everything. I select “TV Shows” and am presented with 5 graphic depictions or “posters” of the shows. If I select the show “ER”, for example, it will bring me to a screen with Seasons listed, in image format (with the ER poster). I select the season and it brings me to a screen with individual shows to select from that season. There are 2 series though where infuse deviates (Plex app on the apple tv does not exhibit this erratic performance behavior). For “Mork & Mindy”, when I select it from the “Tv Shows” page it brings me to a page that shows a folder image (no poster image of the show) with “Mork & Mindy” Season 1 (only season I have) scrolling underneath. I select that folder and then it brings me to the poster image of the season, and then it brings me to the individual shows.

Why is this annoying extra step of selecting the folder being introduced. The on-disk folder structures are the same. Plex app does not introduce this extra step.


Another fellow submitted something similar. Why isn’t this being addressed??

Here is a complete description of the most recent example. 4 seasons of ER. Last 2 added show generic “folder”, instead of the show “poster”. When I click on the “folder” I get the “poster” for the season and have to click on that again. Running Infuse against a plex server. Come on Firecore what’s the deal – I am a paying customer with Infuse Pro and would appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix it.

Now I don’t run Plex, but I know this happens on smb connections when the season folder contains additional files (or folders) which Infuse does not recognise.

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That is exactly it. Is there any way to solve without taking out all the other folders? Thanks!

Does Firecore ignore questions on this forum because there is another place for support for paying customers?

What are the names of the additional folders you have in the series folder? Any additional files in the main folder for the series like .nfo or .xml?

I don’t run plex but some additional info may help.

The folder structure is:
TV Shows

  • ER
    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
      • ER.S03E08.Union.Station.720p
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
    • Season 4
      • ER.S04E08.XX.XX
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
      • ER.XX.XX.XX.XX
        All MKVs under the above folders. No other file types.

TV Shows

  • Mork & Mindy
    • Mork_&_Mindy_Season_01
      M4V and VSMETA files

In the above cases, Seasons 3 & 4 of ER introduce an erroneous folder. And the Mork and Mindy includes an erroneous folder step as well.

Is the season 1 folder for Mork and Mindy labeled “Season 01” or “Mork_&_Mindy_Season_01”?

One more question, do you administer these files for you Plex server with a Mac? If so would it be possible to get a screen cap of the actual folder structure with names like this sample?

I asked a similar question long ago (I think). Or at least I solved it by myself. If you add to the Favourite the remote shared folder, you’ll get the subfolders in it. The right way to do it is to go in Library and add as favourite “TV Shows” (or Movies, or Unwatched movies and so on…). In that way Infuse manages the control of all videos of the same kind, because it’s like if it creates its own “folder” selecting the elements from everything you have added, bypassing your own structure in the file system.

Also, anything that doesn’t get recognised goes into “Others” (which is quite a mess, I must say). What I do, if I really want to keep a separate folder with stuff (for example I have a bunch of demo videos in 4K HDR and/or HiRes audio), is to make it clean without subfolders etc. in the filesystem and then share that folder adding it to Favourites. But for TV Shows the way Infuse automatically organises it is good enough for me (it will miss some extras and stuff which will go into others, but it’s ok with me).

Who knows, maybe v6 improved this.

The formatting didn’t work (apologies). For M&M, its Video-> TV Shows → Mork & Mindy → Mork_&_Mindy_Season_01 → Files. For ER it’s Video → TV Shows → ER → Season 3 → ER.S03E08.Union.Station.720p → Filename.mkv

What I noticed today on my ipad and iPhone, is that the Infuse app shows the correct structure and does not insert an erroneous extra step – only the Apple Tv version. On the iPad - everything works as expected. On the iPhone, the season folder is generic (no movie poster), but it is not inserting an extra step. So somehow, you have this figured out right on the ipad, pretty good on the iPhone and messed up on the Apple TV. I have not tested V6 of Infuse on ATV yet.

Sorry for the trouble.

Are you browsing your shows via the Library, or through normal folders?

For TV shows, you will usually get a much better experience when using the Library as it will provide consistent artwork and metadata at all levels (series, season, episode).

From the main screen, what I do is go down to the row entitled “Favorites” and scroll over to “TV Shows”, and then select the show. After selecting a show, I am brought to a screen with the TV series title and several “movie poster”-like images for each of the seasons and, in some cases, generic folders for some of the seasons. When I click on the “movie poster” season, it takes me right to the episodes. When I click on the generic folder, it takes me to a screen with a single “movie poster” image for that season, which I then have to click on again to get to the episodes, introducing another step in the process. This does seem to happen only when there are subfolders in the season folder. That being said, it does not happen with the iPad Infuse app, only the AppleTV one.

Is the icon for TV shows pink or orange?

Can you try accessing TV shows via the Library item on the home screen to see if there is any difference?

BTW, thanks for jumping in to help. Also, behavior did not change from Infuse 5 to Infuse 6. Otherwise, I am very happy with the app.

Icon is orange. When I access through Favorites → Library → TV Shows → All TV Shows → ER it brings me to the correct screen showing all the seasons in the correct “movie poster” folders. That being said, this is more steps to get to the shows.

By default, Infuse should add a pink TV Shows icon to your home screen. If you’re not seeing this, it can be added by long-pressing on the ‘TV Shows’ section in the Library and selecting ‘Add to Favorites’.

Once you have this on your home screen, you can hide the other orange icon by long-pressing on it.

More info on managing favorites and lists can be found here.

That fixed it! Many thanks!

Great! :smiley: