Infuse directory does not match with Synology NAS

In the Video volume of my Synology NAS I have approx 100 videos.
Inside this volume I defined a small number of folders

What I see with Infuse is only a small selection of the complete list of videos in the top level of the volume.

Infuse seems to pick videos from various folders without any logic.

I have no idea why and also not how to get access to all my videos through Infuse.

Any suggestions?

First, are you actually running Infuse with aTV Flash for Apple TV on a 2nd Generation (black) Apple TV?

Infuse is designed to flatten folders with a single file so that may be what your seeing.


The problem seems to be resolved by Wondershare.
I asked them the same question. After a couple of days I got a new version, which creates a proper Apple file name including the film title.

The only “homework” for me is to trash all the VTS_01 films and convert them again.

Now THAT could be a problem that would cause you to pull your hair out! Glad you got it straightened out.