INFUSE developments?

Juste une réflexion générale.
Moi qui connait Kodi, je voudrais connaitre les projets d’évolution d’Infuse ?
J’aimerais que les tendances d’évolution d’Infuse tendent vers un semblant de Kodi.

Est ce que ce sera le cas ?

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Good morning,
Just a general thought.
As someone who knows Kodi, I would like to know Infuse’s development plans?
I would like the evolution trends of Infuse to tend towards a semblance of Kodi.

Will this be the case?

Welcome to the forum!

You can find the new features that Infuse is working on in this thread.

You can also see what other users are requesting and vote for features you would like also in the “Suggestions” forum.

It helps to also post in English so that you get the most users looking at your questions and a better chance of getting answers. :+1:

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Is Kodi working on Apple TV OS now?!

I think so as a UPnP source per the Firecore Infuse Features page.